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WIN a 2022 Hurricane RV Tuff Rider Family van (and something to tow it with)

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Winning the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 109 brings you the tough choice of a 300-series Toyota LandCruiser or a Y62-model Nissan Patrol, but what you’re going to tow is not so difficult, as the winner also receives a Hurricane RV Tuff Rider Family caravan worth $97,990.

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The option of choice can be fun; the freedom to tailor your driveway to suit your style is liberating, but it’s also going to be very hard, as the two options – the LandCruiser and the Patrol – are closely aligned in ability, agility, quality, and charm. Thankfully, Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery 109 makes the next bit easy, because regardless of whether you choose the 300-series LandCruiser Sahara or the latest Nissan Patrol Ti, you’ll also be hooking up a Hurricane RV Tuff Rider Family caravan.

Hurricane Family RV

Measuring 21’6” and worth $97,900, it’s an Aussie-built van created for Aussie-sized holidays. Whether you explore the red centre, the far north, the remote west or simply set up at your local caravan park for the duration of the school holidays, the all-terrain-capable Tuff Rider Family can handle it. But before you start dreaming of the great Aussie getaway, make sure you’ve got a ticket.


Hurricane RV vans are built in Melbourne using a Supagal treated G&S Chassis with independent, trailing-arm coil sprung suspension. The van is fully all-terrain compatible, meaning the giveaway getaway can go basically anywhere the LandCruiser or Patrol can take it. Fitted with dual 200W solar panels and dual 105Ah batteries, you can free camp anywhere you’re allowed to, while the optional grey water system as fitted to the prize Hurricane RV van complies with Aussie national parks requirements. Speaking of which, don’t flush your chances down the toilet, grab a ticket as they’re selling fast.

Caravan Interior

At last count the average Aussie family had 2.59 members, but there are still plenty of households with a couple of rugrats or more. If you’re in that ‘more’ category, you’re probably over the ‘family’ deals that include two adults and two minors, because what about other one? Hurricane RV have named their caravan ‘Tuff Rider Family’ for a reason, offering an optional triple-bunk bed so you pile up those kids come bedtime. Naturally Mater Cars for Cancer ticked that box on the prize van, but even if you’re at 2.59 members or less, you can always bring a couple of friends. Or better still, one of your kids’ friends so they keep each other occupied; there’s only so many times you can field requests for Zooper Doopers when they’re bored, trust me.

I write for Mater Cars for Cancer for two reasons; firstly, they saw my work in some of Australia’s leading car magazines such as Street Machine and Unique Cars, and they liked it. Secondly, my family consists of precisely 3.0 people – me and the two kids. It should have an even 4.0, but breast cancer claimed my wife in 2018. We were together since we were teenagers and were going to be together forever, but the mechanisms of disease don’t work that way.

During her five-year fight, there were highs and lows, especially the speculation that they’d ‘got it all’ only for it to come back literally six times. We even managed to have kid number 2.0 amongst it all, which was quite the surprise let me assure you.

It was a time of immeasurable hardship in which my wife, Sarah, showed incredible strength. But resilience can only go so far; sometimes you just need help. That’s where you come in, because every time you buy a ticket in a Mater Lottery, you’re supporting an organisation that helps people like Sarah. Whether that’s via regional or metro support services, neo-natal care or breast cancer research, just to name a few we would have accessed, it goes towards helping those in need live their best lives. That’s as good a reason as any to buy a ticket, with the possibility of winning $300k worth of prizes simply the bonus for being involved.

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