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Interior Design Trends to Watch in 2024

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The world of interior design is ever evolving, reflecting broader shifts in culture, technology, and individual preference. From the colour palette we choose to the materials we incorporate, every element speaks volumes about the era and its sensibilities, as well as us personally. As we close out 2023 with the spectacular lottery No. 310 prize home, and look to the start of a new year, we reflect on the design aesthetics that have endured and take note of those emerging to redefine our living spaces in the future. 

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Natural material and fibres

Even in this age of rapidly advancing technology, some trends to the simple and natural remain strongly in favour, even gaining momentum possibly as a counterbalance to the accelerated progress. As they always have done, raw materials and fibres create textural warmth, fostering a closer connection to our natural environments, especially important in those homes that feature a more modern aesthetic. 

With the global conversation surrounding sustainability and biodegradability in building and design materials growing, the incorporation of natural elements serves to reinforce the eco-friendly values and commitments of individuals and businesses operating in the space. The lottery No. 310 prize home is a fine example of a modern home using natural materials to naturally anchor its spaces. Rattan furniture pieces feature throughout, a statement stone panel conceals a fireplace in the open plan living and dining area, and woven jute textiles as well as wooden art and accents soften the bedrooms and luxurious main suite. 

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Neutral surrounding colour

Nothing makes a space feel more lived in and homely than colour. While bold and vibrant hues might be challenging for some to live with day in, day out, neutrals are enjoying a resurgence in popularity thanks to the serene ambience they create. Think soft beiges, gentle greys, and muted blues and greens. With the soothing backdrop these tones provide, other design elements are able to shine without being overbearing, or making the space feel smaller and more cluttered. Think minimalism, with a warmer, cosier twist.

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Curves and arches

The straight-edged, boxy designs of yesteryear are falling aside, making way for fluid, curved lines re-shaping everything from doorways to furniture. Shapes mimicking those we experience in nature create inviting spaces that exude elegance and timelessness in their architecture and design. 

Mater Prize Home No. 310 juxtaposes its classic straight-lined structure with a host of curved edges in its interior design. From the main bedroom suite’s circular swivel chairs and curved living room lounges, to the rounded dining chairs and striking rattan entryway sideboard, the natural lines add a gentle fluidity to the sleek modern aesthetic. 

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Layered textural elements

Textures have a unique ability to add depth and dimension to any room, and the layering of a variety of textural elements can create a tapestry of tactile experiences that draw you into a space. The lottery No. 310 prize home is rich with contrasting textures including cosy bouclé furniture pieces, plush woven carpets and rugs, sleek stone, marble and more, adding luxury statements and softness throughout. 

“Mater Prize Home No. 310 is one of my all-time favourites for its perfect blend of sleek modernity and warm natural touches. This is the type of home and style that will remain current for many years to come as it allows the natural design elements and surrounding environment to take centre stage,” said interior designer Brett Rundle.  

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