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Last Chance to Go Far or Go Fast

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Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery No. 108 gives you the chance to win and choose your path. Whether you use a powerful Toyota Prado and a Coromal Thrill Seeker caravan, or a durable Isuzu D-Max X-Terrain and a pair of Kawasaki KX450 dirt bikes, Australia is there for the taking.

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Win and Go Far or Go Fast
It’s rare to be given the opportunity to explore this great land of ours unbridled, but that’s exactly what the winner of Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery No. 108 will be able to do. The path you choose will depend on the vehicles you select, should your number come up. And before you fob this off, just remember that your odds of coming up with the winning ticket to a fourby and a trailer full of fun are a lot higher than some other lotteries out there; one in 50,000 to be precise. To be one of those 50,000, and therefore be in with a chance to win, grab a ticket before Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery No. 108 closes on 13 January, or earlier if it sells out.

Prado and caravan

Whether you choose to win a Prado or choose to win a D-Max, Australia is there for the taking. And if you’re worried about funding your holiday once either of those rigs are in your driveway, with their respective Coromal Thrill Seeker caravan or trailer with two Kawasaki dirt bikes hitched behind, don’t be. Because each prize option includes the balance to $300k in cashable gold bullion.

That kind of coin is plenty to fund a pretty decent holiday to any corner of the nation. Whether you’re keen on Cape York or happy to go hooning around a ride park next door or in the next state, you’re free to apply for some leave and go far or go fast.

Funding the exploration of a nation is well and good, but your ticket into Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery No. 108 does more than allow you to flex your vacation chops. Each ticket into the draw helps fund life-extending cancer research and helps families living with cancer. Your help is paramount, so purchase a ticket today.

Isuzu D-Max and Kawasaki Bikes

The Prado is a stalwart of the off-roading scene, and the Coromal is an Aussie-built icon with an attitude for adventure. Best of all, the Thrill Seeker fits a whole family of four. Alternatively, the D-Max is steeped in rugged history, embodying the best ‘spirit of truck’ without the, uh, truckiness. And the two Kawasaki KX450s you’ll tow behind it are among the best dirt bikes the world has ever seen.

All this adds up to an awesome prize pool valued at $300k with the cashable gold bullion thrown in. It’s crazy to think that every Mater Cars for Cancer Lottery is the best one yet, but that rings true once again. Get on it and grab your ticket to go far or go fast in 2023.

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