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Last chance to WIN BIG and adventure BIGGER!


Mater Cars for Cancer wants you to win big, with a 300-series Toyota LandCruiser GR Sport and Zone RV Family Sojourn Pioneer caravan on offer for lottery 114. Because if you win big, you can adventure bigger, but first you need the big ticket.

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LandCruiser GR Sport

If you boil it down to a single word, Mater Cars for Cancer lotteries are about ‘quality’. Toyota’s reputation for quality is well known; LandCruiser is all that, plus we live in the legend’s biggest market, so it’s engineered for Australian conditions, built to resist floods, bulldust, and everything in between. 300-series GR Sport takes it to the next level, with luxury appointments second-to-none and off-road features exclusive to the GR Sport such as front and rear remote locking differentials, and E-KDSS which frees up the swaybars on the tricky stuff. But there’s no tricky stuff required to get behind the wheel; just a ticket in lottery No. 114.

Zone RV Caravan

Zone RV has gone from a start-up with just four employees to a major manufacturing concern with 250 staff in just eight short years. During this time, its revolutionised how the humble caravan is made, and changed how we perceive them. Until Zone RV, the industry seemed content with its ways, modernising the interiors and exteriors, but relying on trusted but aged materials throughout their products. 

Lightweight composite materials are commonplace in the world of racing and hyper-luxury yachts, but it took Zone RV to bring that technology to caravanning. The result is a robust and versatile caravan that doesn’t worry the weighbridge. With a galvanised steel chassis as the backbone, composites make up much of the van structure, even extending to the cabinetry. Into this Zone RV install all the comforts of home, with a PU leather chaise lounge, stonelook bench tops, chrome tapware, two kitchens, a toilet, stereo and solar for off-grid adventure. 

Worth $145,000, the Family Sojourn Pioneer caravan exudes quality as much as it does modernity, and let’s face it, if Zone RV didn’t have a reputation for top-end quality, Mater Cars for Cancer wouldn’t be raffling it off. Like the LandCruiser, it could be yours for the price of a ticket.

GR Sport and Zone RV

Mater Cars for Cancer lottery draws have exhausted their ticket allocations well prior to the competition closure date on 19 out of 19 previous lotteries. That’s no mean feat, but it’s this consistent delivery of quality prize pools that keeps this happening lottery after lottery. It also means you’d be best advised to get your tickets well in advance of the official closure date of 13 January 2024. You win big, you adventure bigger.

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