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Last Chance to Win The High Life or the Wild Life

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There comes a time when the sun must set on every Mater lottery prize draw. It’s normally followed by someone getting a call and suddenly they’ve reason to celebrate into the wee hours. If you fancy getting that call yourself, make sure you’re in with a chance; a ticket is all you need, but with a luxury holiday and BMW EV, or a LandCruiser and Thrill Seeker caravan on offer, tickets for lottery 111 are selling fast.

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If you’re the lucky winner, just how do you want to chase your sunsets? Do you live the high life, and enjoy the evening star from the balcony of your luxury hotel, sneaking moments to watch the workers far below you hustling around like ants? Or do you live the wild life, and enjoy the emerging Southern Cross from the door of your Coromal caravan, sneaking moments to watch the workers far below you hustling around like ants, because they are actual ants?

This is surely the first time Mater Cars for Cancer have offered a pair of prizes so disparate, yet so enticing. They’ve both got some mighty allures, but to be weighing up these choices in any real-world capacity, you need to have the first ticket to hand come lottery draw day. Simple? More than you think, because although it seems the odds are stacked against you when there are 54,999 other tickets, people happily play lottery systems every day with a million-to-one odds, or even worse.

Real-world people win these prizes, and real-world people benefit from the money you raise, whether that be with Mater backing critical palliative programmes or crucial cancer research in the unrelenting search for a cure. This means that if your number doesn’t come up, you’ve still done your friends, family, and community a solid just by buying a ticket.

I’ve had a big old chat about the luxury holiday before, and the short version is that it’s a fair old lap of the block. If you prefer spending your time being there rather than getting there, it’ll be just the ticket. Or two tickets, as it were.

BMW iX xDrive40

Philosophers state that experiences are more fulfilling than things, but they forgot about the humble motor vehicle, which can be your gateway thing to have more experiences. Philosophy is easy, it’s the debate for and against EVs that’s hard.

People on both sides can get pretty vocal about electric cars, and if you took one look at me, you’d assume I’m not into it. Yet despite being a heavily bearded, deeply-Gen X rev head with two V8 Holdens in my car port, I can absolutely see the appeal of an electric vehicle for the daily commute. It’s true EVs aren’t going to suit everyone, every time; then again, a Lincoln Continental or a Goggomobil Dart won’t either. I’d know; I’ve driven both and owned the former.

My criterium is this; my daily drivers have been, in chronological order, a ’78 Gemini van, an ’04 Holden SS ute and a V8-powered VF Calais V Sportswagon. The progression shows that no car has been slower than the car it replaced. To be fair, that wasn’t hard when I parked the Gemini, but whatever I get next will have its work cut out for it. In the absence of any cool V8 wagons for less than millionaire money, it’s going to have to be electric.

The BMW iX xDrive40 will nail the legal limit just a shade slower than my V8 wagon, but if it does a heap of other stuff better, I’ll be swayed for sure. And if I get one given to me because I remembered to buy a ticket and happened to win, more power to me.

It's true the BMW iX xDrive40 is an impressive bit of gear; it can get around as capably as any petrol car, and even boasts a range of 450km, well more than I usually travel in a day.

But if your plans are to travel a lot further, and then sleep in a box behind your car, then the second prize option is all yours with a corresponding winning ticket. 

Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series GXL

There are few cars more qualified to show you sunsets you’ve never seen in states you’ve never sat in than the 300-series Landcruiser GXL. The big 3.3 litre twin turbo V6 diesel is yet to make its name for itself as a rural legend like the last motor did, but we’ve not heard of any big dramas; like all things Toyota, it’s ‘set and forget’.

I drive old cars because I want the journey to be part of the experience. But that comes at a cost, and that’s the very real possibility that you won’t get there. Not so with Toyota; its eponymous with reliability and will drag you, your family and your big 21½ foot Thrill Seeker semi-offroad caravan wherever you want it with aplomb.

Grab that ticket and I wish you luck; you’ve got a hard decision to make if you win; where will you ‘sunset and forget’?

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