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Lifelong Ford Lover Wins Big

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When you first meet Libby, you might not guess that she is one of Brisbane’s biggest car lovers, but this lovely lady is full of surprises.

Libby has been a loyal Mater Prize Home supporter for many years and when the Cars for Cancer Lottery started in 2005 she bought tickets straight away. In March Libby’s wildest dreams came true when she received a call telling her she had won the keys to her choice of V8 supercar.

The timing couldn’t have been better. With Libby starting her retirement , she had been looking to upgrade her BA Falcon to something a little newer, although she had no idea just how flash her new daily drive would be!

It took her all of 2 seconds to choose the FPV GT, but coming to terms with her big win was a little harder.  “I feel like I’m on a different planet” she said. “Is this really happening or is it just a dream?”

Despite the shock of winning a V8, Libby is no stranger to high performance cars. She has always owned Fords and this surprising lady also owns a classic Fastback Mustang which she bought three years ago and fixed up.

Of course this car lover will be keeping her brand new GT, which will be proudly garaged alongside her Mustang in a veritable stable of high performance power.

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