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Long term Mater Cars for Cancer supporter wins big!

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The win for our Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No.70 winner came at the perfect time. With a childcare centre to run, Wayne was over the moon when he heard the news.

When Wayne received the call telling him he had won the very first Mater Cars for Cancer lottery worth $150,000 he was busy doing the school run and didn’t have the time to talk. But shortly after, Wayne called back and was given the biggest surprise of his life.

Being an avid Holden lover, especially for the old school Holden’s, Wayne couldn’t believe that he had won. The decision certainly wasn’t a hard one between the HSV GTS and the Mustang Shelby Super Snake. For Wayne, it was always going to be the GTS. He explained that he no longer had to worry about buying a new car!

Originally buying tickets from a Mater Cars for Cancer lottery flyer in Motor Magazine, Wayne has been purchasing tickets in the lottery for the past 10 years. Wayne doesn’t believe in gambling, but felt the lottery was a good cause and likes the fact that the money goes directly towards cancer research.

When asked, Wayne said he was most excited for “the sound of it and I can’t wait to get it out on the road”. It’s always great to see such an avid car enthusiast win the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery.

Like Wayne, your support of the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery will help fund vital medical research, and give you the chance to win a high performance V8 car of your choice. For your chance to be the next winner, purchase your tickets in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery today!

Plus if you become a Mater Cars for Cancer VIP, you’ll receive automatic entry into every draw and the chance to win other exclusive VIP bonus prizes from holidays to fuel vouchers.

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