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Long time Ford fan wins Limited Edition RSPEC

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After working 27 years with the same company, John decided to take some well-deserved long service leave. It was while he was walking along a Sunshine Coast beach one fateful Friday that he missed a very important phone call. It wasn’t until the following week, and once John’s neighbour noticed they had some of John’s mail, that he went over to collect the most exciting letter he had ever received!

On opening his letter John couldn’t believe his luck. Being a long-time Mater Cars for Cancer supporter, he had always thought of his tickets as a donation – he never expected to win the dream car of his choice! After calling his wife (who didn’t believe him), John quickly went online to check his options – the WRX STI spec.R, the HSV Clubsport R8, or the Limited Edition FPV GT RPSEC. Being a Ford fan, it didn’t take him long to choose the Limited Edition FPV GT RSPEC, especially once he contacted the dealer and found out it was one of only 175 in Silhouette!

After much celebration, John and his wife Zarena travelled down to Brisbane to pick up his new performance car. They were both still overwhelmed with the news that they now owned a performance car worth $83,335 – a worthy reward for their long time support of Mater!

By supporting charity lotteries like Mater Cars for Cancer and Mater Prize Home, you not only go in the draw to win your own dream car or prize home – you are also supporting life-changing patient care and research at Mater. Purchase your online lottery ticket today!

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