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It happens – people really do win!

85 Winner Lop Big

Jay and Sallie couldn’t believe it when they heard that they had won a car with Mater Cars for Cancer! They won a HSV Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Coupe PLUS $100,000 of cash!

They were on their way to Thailand for a holiday when they got a missed call from Mater Foundation. They then saw an email with the exciting news! It stated they had won a car with Mater Cars for Cancer! Their first reaction was “no this can’t be right…that can’t be true” said Jay.

Still disbelieving Jay and Sallie started to do some research online and rang their two sons at home who proclaimed “yeah Dad it’s somebody from Mudgeeraba who won and didn’t answer their phone” – this is when it started to feel real for them. They couldn’t sleep that night with all the excitement!

“You never hear of people winning these things, well it happens… and it’s exciting when it does!” – Jay

Handing over this HSV Camaro to Jay and Sallie was a very exciting day for us all. They were truly amazed by their prize and so grateful. We asked them what their favourite part of the car was and Jay quickly responded “The sound! The V8 rumbling exhaust is awesome to hear.” When this legendary car started up in the showroom the smile on Jays face hearing that rumble for the first time was priceless. Sallie told us it was “the same smile that he had when we got married!

Sallie told us before they headed off on holidays Jay had told her that “my dream car is a Camaro” – we couldn’t have been happier to hear this and that we could make this dream come true!

All for a good cause

Jay and Sallie are VIPs in all three of our lotteries – Mater Cars for Cancer, Mater Prize Home and Cash for Kids – we couldn’t be more grateful of their generosity.

“Being a VIP is just a way to make sure that we are supporting the charity every month” – Jay

Unfortunately Sallie’s Mother passed away from cancer about 10 years ago, at only 50 years old, so they firmly believe it’s important to support Mater Foundation and doing what they can to help with cancer research.

“Like everybody else, we all know someone that’s lost someone to cancer… it’s something that is close to everyone, not just us.” – Jay

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Your support of Mater Cars for Cancer is crucial in funding vital medical research at Mater Brisbane, while also giving you the chance to win an incredible V8 like this one.

Our lotteries have limited tickets and with so many selling out early why not join the VIP Club and receive convenient automatic entry so you’ll never miss out on a draw! Plus you’ll also receive exclusive VIP only bonus prizes!

Be our next winners! Give yourself the chance to WIN – purchase your tickets today in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery and you too could be driving away in an exclusive V8 just like Jay and Sallie!

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