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Meet our Jackhammer winner!

84 Jackhammer Winner Lop Big

What would your reaction be if you won our Mustang ROUSH Jackhammer PLUS a massive $50K to go with it?

When we talked to Luke, our car winner of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No.84, and his wife Tanya they told us they were “speechless” when they found out they had actually won first prize. They couldn’t believe their luck! They originally missed our winning phone call, so they received a letter via registered post from us informing them that they had won a Mustang ROUSH JackHammer PLUS $50,000 – valued at a whopping $191,293! Luke made Tanya read the letter again to double check he had read it right. Luke said this was their first “decent win” and they just couldn’t believe it.

“I always used to say if it wasn’t for bad luck I’d have none…” – Luke.

Luke and Tanya are farmers based in Wolfang. Luck like this doesn’t come their way often, or easily. Tanya told us that once the amazing news sunk in that all she can remember thinking was “for all the hard work Luke has done over his life… it’s about time something good happened for him… he deserves it”.

It was so nice to hear Tanya completely over the moon for Luke, she continues on to tell us that Luke works so hard and that “he’s always doing something for someone else… and now his hard work is paying off”.

This win came at the perfect time for Luke and Tanya as their current car was on its last legs, “we were trying to scrounge up a bit of money to buy something half decent” said Luke. They bought a second hand car with some of their cash winnings which is perfect for them to get to and from work.

“It’s a good feeling to have something nice and not have to worry about paying for it” – Luke.

Luke’s family and friends were so excited to hear about the win too. After all, one of their mates had just won one of the rarest Mustang’s you can get! The mighty ROUSH JackHammer Mustang is a supercharged stallion, unlocking some serious power with the inclusion of the epic ROUSH TVS 2650 Supercharger Package! This JackHammer is stylish, sinister and rare with only 200 in the wild! Luke and Tanya got plenty of offers from friends to go pick up this beast for them! But this was something that they wanted to do themselves, a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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This rare Mustang features:

  • 6-speed-manual
  • 0 L
  • 827 Nm
  • 530 kW
  • 710-horsepower ROUSH TVS 2650 Supercharger Package
  • ROUSH JackHammer Graphics Package
  • ROUSH Badging
  • PLUS $50,000 cash/gold*

We asked them what their plans were with their new Mustang Jackhammer and Luke’s response was that they will definitely keep it for a while anyway and enjoy it – “I’ll never have anything like that again!” Their plan is to buy a shipping container to keep it safe.

They’re also off on holiday in April and planning on taking their new car out on a road trip to Mackay Harbour – which they are super excited about! We can’t wait to hear all about it.

All for a good cause

We asked them why they started supporting Mater Cars for Cancer and they told us that it was a cause that they felt was really important for them to support. Luke and Tanya have been affected by cancer through many people in their lives – family members, friends and colleagues.

“I like to support you guys, I have people going through cancer right now… it’s really prevalent” – Luke.

“We do struggle as farmers… but this is for a cause that we both definitely believe in, we want to help where we can”, Tanya told us.

Luke and Tanya have been Mater Cars for Cancer VIP supporters for over a year and plan on continuing their VIP membership with us – we couldn’t be more grateful of their support!

As Luke and Tanya drove away in their brand new Mustang ROUSH Jackhammer, they waved out the window at us, with big happy smiles on their faces “thanks again!”

Congratulations again Luke and Tanya! The team at Mater Foundation are so happy for you both and it was an absolute pleasure handing over these keys to you. You are truly deserving winners!

Will you be our next car winner?

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