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Meet the winner of Mater Prize Home lottery No. 293!

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How would you react if you received a call from Mater Prize Home with the news you had won first prize?

For Nancy*—a VIP since 2019—who was with her grandson at the time of the call, was lost for words and in total disbelief. Having seen the brochure for lottery No. 293, Nancy had put it away and didn’t think much about it after that. “I still don’t believe it; this never happens to me!” she exclaimed.

Even after her grandson confirmed her winning numbers on the website, Nancy* was still apprehensive, “I’ll believe it when I’m holding the keys!” she said. Once she received the registered letter though, it started to sink in that she had in fact won. Her daughter cried when she heard the news!

MPH293 Winner

When asked why she supported Mater Prize Home, Nancy* explained, “I like the variety of prizes available through the lottery and want to support a good cause that helps the hospital… you never know, you might be there yourself one day.”

As a $30 per month VIP, in addition to winning the penthouse apartment and $125,000 gold bullion, Nancy* also took home the $30 book buyer’s prize. That’s an extra $50,000 in gold bullion! This lifechanging win has opened many doors for Nancy* who is still unsure what to do with her $175,000 in gold bullion. One thing is for sure though, “It gives me financial freedom,” she said.

While her home is in New South Wales, Nancy will be enjoying her Palm Beach penthouse for now but will most likely not move in permanently.

Congratulations, Nancy and thank you for your continued support of Mater Prize Home!

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*Name changed for privacy

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