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Meet the winner of Mater Prize Home’s Win BIG in May VIP draw!

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For retired teacher, Rose*, the last call she was expecting to take while on holiday was the one she received from Mater Lotteries.

Rose* was holidaying with her two sisters and five other friends at Uluru when she received the news she had won Mater Prize Home’s Win Big in May VIP draw. “We were all having lunch together when I got the call,” she said. “Everybody was listening in and telling me ‘hang up, it’s a scam!’, but the lady on the phone sounded very genuine so I gave her a chance.”

Audi Winner

And what a prize she’s won—a luxury Audi Q3 Sportback and $10,000 cashable gold bullion! Although there wasn’t much opportunity to think about her win while on holiday, it was only until Rose* returned home when it started to really sink in. She had a couple of weeks to get excited before picking up the car on the Gold Coast with her two sisters and a friend. To top it off, they all celebrated in style with a champagne picnic in the park. “The Audi is so beautiful! I feel very lucky and thrilled to have won,” said Rose*. “I think I’ll need a degree in car-ology,” she joked. “I’ll have to get that manual out and study it. But it’s a wonderful prize to receive and I’m so grateful.”

Audi Winner and Friends

Rose* had been a long-time supporter before moving to Hong Kong to teach for eight years. She resumed when she returned home and has been a VIP for many years. “It’s taken me all these years to get lucky! You always dream about winning one of those lovely homes or cars and don’t ever expect to, so it was great to receive that call.” When asked why Rose* is a Mater Prize Home VIP, she said, “It goes to a good cause and it’s nice that it’s taken out every month so you don’t have to think about it. You always have a ticket in each draw.”

It was a timely win for Rose* who had been considering upgrading her car for some time. “This is great because I’ve been thinking that I might need to update my car reasonably soon and now I’ve updated it far sooner than I thought I would!” she said. “I’d just like to say thank you very much for this wonderful prize. I feel very lucky and encourage anyone considering supporting Mater Lotteries to go ahead and buy tickets—you never know, it might be your lucky day one day!”

Congratulations on your win, Rose*! Become a Mater Prize Home VIP and you could win big, just like Rose*, with over $10 MILLION worth of prizes to win throughout the year!

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*Name changed for privacy

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