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Meet the winners of Mater Prize Home lottery No. 291

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Winners of Mater Prize Home 291 at Bokarina, James and Ellie, were kind enough to speak to us recently about their win and the impact it has had on their lives.

James recalls, “I received the call from Mater while I was at work out on a job – I saw that I had a few missed calls on my mobile from the same number, so I figured it was probably important to call back. When the lady at Mater told me that I had won first prize in the Mater Prize Home lottery my response was a little colourful to be honest! Obviously, it’s not the kind of call you expect to receive when you leave the house for the day, so it was a complete shock to get the news … but what a great call to get!”

“When I had finished for the day, I had to drive over 2 hours to get home from the job site that afternoon, but I can tell you, it was a great drive to make, because it allowed me to think about everything that the win would make possible for our family. The fact that all the financial pressure was off, was pretty calming for sure.”

“It’s amazing how one decision can change your life forever – would you believe it took us 8 months to refinance our home loan before this all happened. You can imagine, being able to make the call to our financial planner to tell them our financial circumstances had changed completely, was very satisfying. I’m very glad I made the decision to purchase the tickets in the Mater Prize Home lottery!”

James told us that he wanted to tell his wife face to face. “I arranged for my sister to come over to our place so she could record me telling Ellie the news – my wife knew something was up, because my sister and I were acting a little strangely, and once I told her and the reality set in, she fell down to the floor crying with excitement.”

“Growing up, Mum used to take us to visit the prize homes on weekends, and I remember that so clearly. I have just continued to support Mater in the same way. Mater is a great cause and it’s nice to know that my ticket purchases really do make a difference to the work Mater does.”

“I have mates and co-workers who buy lotto tickets each week, but for my money, I reckon your odds are better with Mater Prize Home tickets. Guess how many of them have bought tickets in the Mater Prize Home now!”

And what does the future look like for James and his family? “We are contemplating moving into the house permanently and so far have spent every weekend there since we got the keys – we all absolutely love the house. The kids are real water babies and spend a LOT of time in the pool – they have me up at 6am every morning we are there to get in the pool with them. There is also a beautiful park around the corner for them to enjoy – this is a great lifestyle for a family because there are so many recreation options close by, and it keeps them off their screens and outside enjoying the great outdoors.”

Mater Prize Home Bokarina Winners

“We love the design of the house and the furnishings too – it’s perfect for families and everything is so close at hand, it’s incredibly convenient. And with the beach a stones’ throw away, even the dogs are rapt because the off-leash beach is close at hand and we love our afternoon walks.”

“Life doesn‘t get much better than this I can tell you!”

James also wanted to extend his thanks to the team at Mater Lotteries – “Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the process – everyone we have dealt with so far has been so helpful and friendly and we are so thankful for this amazing opportunity.”

We thank you too James! We are so grateful for your support because it’s people like you that allow us to provide funds back to Mater to support the community at large.

We wish you and your family every happiness in your stunning new home!

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