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Melissa's Story


As a dedicated clinical support worker at Queensland X-Ray, Mel has been supporting and caring for breast cancer patients for nearly two decades.

Little did Mel know that she would find herself walking the same path of uncertainty and struggle as her patients, after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

Melissa Just during her treatment

Mel's diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer, a rare and aggressive subtype, led her through a whirlwind of treatments and surgeries, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This reality hit hardest before her first chemo session, a day she describes as one of the most frightening of her life. 

"It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about that day, because it was so scary." 

As Mel navigated the challenges of treatment, she found herself confronting not only the physical toll of cancer, but also the profound shifts in her identity and sense of self. The decision to undergo a mastectomy and remove her other breast underscores the difficult choices individuals facing cancer must make.

Mel's journey continues as she undergoes hormone-based therapy in the hope of preventing any recurrence.

"It has been more than 12 months since I was diagnosed, and I’m still very much dealing with the fallout in my everyday life." 

But through it all, Mel has remained steadfast in her determination to find gratitude and positivity amid the chaos. She draws strength from the compassionate care of the Mater Cancer Care Centre's staff, the unwavering support of her husband, Dylan, and the precious moments spent with her children, Elliott and Reuben.

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