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Mending Hearts with Horsepower

Mustang Lottery 80

The cure for cancer is out there. And we’re driving towards it with your help. In fact, in this car lottery draw, we’re driving towards it with a 670HP engine that produces a pulsing 500kW of power and a tremendous 739Nm of torque.

That may sound like a lot of hot air, but it’s a supercharged reality. In the current Mater Cars for Cancer car lottery, you have the chance to win a beautiful black and red Tickford-enhanced Mustang GT.

The Mustang GT Supercharger

With our car lottery, you won’t just win a car, you’ll win a car that’s been born to outperform every other vehicle in its league. And that’s something you’ll notice immediately when you get behind the wheel of this supercharged V8 beast.

Here are the first things you’ll experience in this brand new Mustang:

The seat – Sit and sink into custom Italian leather seats

The power – Launch into momentum with a professionally supercharged engine

The sound – Listen to that deep growl as it commands your local roads and highways

The realisation – Understand that you’ll never have a regular drive again.

Beyond being part of the famous Ford Mustang family, this car has been unleashed and pushed to its absolute limits. Tickford have supercharged it to increase its torque (newton metres) by 30% and its kilowatt power by 40%. But that’s not all that sets it apart.

Each car won in the car lottery is a symbol of cancer fundraising in action. That’s because the funds raised are directly propelling Mater Research’s projects.

Current Cancer Research

At the moment, Dr Patricia Carreira is leading new research for Mater Research on the spread of breast cancer. She intends to give doctors a better understanding of what causes some cancers to disperse throughout the body. This research could mean more personalised treatments and a stronger ability to keep a high quality of life for patients.

Mater Cars for Cancer exists to keep new research like this going forward in the fast-lane, so cancer won’t have so much power over our lives in the future. And so the treatments we can offer are simple, final and don’t put us in difficult dilemmas.

Fundraising For Better Lives

Just before their engagement party, Simone and James were jolted out of their celebration plans. Simone found a lump in her breast. There was a treatment available, but it had the possibility to reduce the chances of them starting a family.

Today, Simone has been given the all clear and is happily married to James with her own child. A truly warming outcome, and one we want to make more of. Cancer affects whole families, and that’s what the car lottery is geared towards helping.

Driving the Mustang GT is an experience you can enjoy every day, and so is your support. Whether you’re cruising along scenic roads or just to your local grocery store, you’ll be driving toward a future that’s found the cure for cancer.

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