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Minna’s story

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Visual changes to her breast prompted mother and grandmother, Minna, to visit her GP. Following tests, she subsequently received the shock diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer.

It’s been quite a journey for Minna as she’s navigated chemotherapy and a mastectomy, but she’s grateful for the support of her family, friends, and her medical team at Mater, including her Breast Care Nurse.

“Along with my family, everyone at Mater has just been super… so welcoming and positive, which is really nice… I have had really good support from my Breast Care Nurse—she’s been really good at helping me navigate through my [treatment and care] options and to understand them better.”

Minna is also thankful to be the beneficiary of past and current medical research at Mater.

“I strongly believe in medical research, and I feel one of reasons I have had such good run with my therapies and have not had so many adverse consequences, is because of all the research that has been done around cancer before I got mine. I feel blessed to have benefited from the previous research, and I would like to think that further research will improve other women’s experiences with cancer.”

Minna’s journey continues, but she is responding well to treatment and remains positive about her future. “I feel like when I’ve got the energy to clean out my cupboards, it’s probably time to think about going back to work.”

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