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New Year, New Plan—How to beat the cost-of-living crisis in 2023

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The festive season is over for another year, so now begins the New Years’ remorse, where over-spending, over-eating, and over-committing has left us depleted in every way. As we square up for another year of rate hikes and spiralling expenses, we countdown a few tips and tricks to win the cost-of-living battle to ensure the New Year is a Good Year.

Reduce your debt

With interest rates at an 11-year high, larger mortgage holders are feeling the sting most of all… and the rates are predicted to increase even more in 2023. Along with soaring mortgage repayments, cars are getting more expensive to purchase and run (and retaining less value), plus utilities, groceries, and everyday living expenses are all skyrocketing.

Reducing debt and expenses is the obvious first step to winning the cost-of-living battle. Trading out of bigger mortgages and vehicle loans, and reducing utility and daily expenditure through exploring alternative sources (ie solar power) and vendors (ie budget shopping platforms and supermarkets) can add up to big savings. Or go one better and win a mortgage-free, fully-furnished home and two debt-free luxury cars! That’s what awaits the lucky winner of Mater Prize Home lottery No. 305, all for the cost of a $2 ticket.

Increase low-cost activity

Eating out, live shows, cinemas, theme parks… these days the costs involved can verge on ludicrous. It’s time to spare the expense and get out to rediscover that wonderful thing called nature.

A walk on the beach, a swim in the sea, a hike in the hinterland—all wonderful for the mind and body, and free as the air you breathe. Not only will your mental and physical health benefit, but your bank balance will as well. Save those pricier diversions for a special occasion and enjoy them all the more then.

The winner of Mater Prize Home lottery no. 305 won’t have to look far to find free, easy, and stunning natural pastimes. Flanked by beach and bush, beautiful Bribie Island is a biodiverse eco-playground, ripe for the discovering and all just a short skip from home.

Bulk up that nest egg

There’s no ‘wrong way’ to save. Save a little, save a lot… it all helps and sets the stage for continued wealth building. A solid financial buffer is essential to manage any of those surprise expenses that you just don’t see coming… or the ones you do (like further interest rate increases!).

Start building your next egg slowly, or alternatively, you could go ahead and lay your hands on $500,000 in cashable gold bullion, as the lucky winner of the current Mater Prize Home draw will.

Clean house

After the festive season there are usually drawers, shelves, cupboards, and cases overflowing with all of yesterday’s wares. No doubt some items will be destined for the rubbish bin, but in amongst the excess you might just find some golden oldies that can be restored and reused, or sold on to be loved again—with a nice little cash injection for you included! Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Gumtree—there are so many platforms to facilitate your clear out… so what are you waiting for?

Make time for ‘doing’ rather than ‘spending’

Sometimes it feels like even with the best of intentions, we can’t leave the house without haemorrhaging funds. So rather than spending, why not try doing instead. Doing good, that is. Plant a tree, clean up a beach, volunteer… there are so many activities that can add value and steer you clear of unnecessary spending.

Or, take the change in your pocket and do the most good possible… buy a ticket in Mater Prize Home lottery no. 305! Not only will you stand to win an incredible $2.5 million prize package, but you’ll also be funding the vital medical research and patient care at Mater. What a win!

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