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Off-Road and Off-Grid on High: A Snowy Mountains Itinerary

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Packing in everything from high octane thrills to serene seclusion all backdropped by some of the most breathtaking scenery to be found anywhere in Australia, the Snowy Mountains region offers no shortage of opportunity for adventure seekers. While the winter months draw a massive crowd to the iconic ski fields, warmers seasons in the Snowies shine for their unique and diverse experiences to tempt even the most seasoned of explorers. Here’s a short and sharp three-day itinerary perfect for long weekenders.

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Day 1: 4WD Adventure

Start your sojourn in the town of Jindabyne, the gateway to the Snowy Mountains. Make sure your off-road rig is up to scratch—buy tickets in the current Mater Cars for Cancer lottery if you’re in need of an upgrade—and get started up the Alpine Way, a stunning scenic drive winding through the mountains. This unsealed road can be challenging in parts, so this is where your customised Toyota LandCruiser GR Sport will really come in handy.

Beeline to the Thredbo Valley Track, a 35 km trail passing by some of the most specular vantages to be found in the area, and offering up fun off-road driving through peaks, valleys, and rivers. Be sure to pack plenty of water and snacks as there are no facilities along the way.

Snowy Img3 Day 2: Off-Grid Camping

After a long day bumping along the outback trails, it’s time to set up camp deep in the glorious wilderness. There are many off-grid camping sites in the Snowies, one of the most popular being Geehi Flats, located along the banks of the Geehi River. It’s free, it’s gorgeous, and it offers second-to-none views of the surrounding mountains.

Going off-grid requires a special set up that can provide the essentials no matter where you make camp. The Patriot Camper X3 trailer is the ultimate off-grid tow, packing in a slew of must-have features to make you totally at home on the road, like beds for up to four people, 130L water tank capacity, twin burner stove, AGM or gel batteries and more.

Once you’ve made camp it’s time to really relax into your surrounds. Cook dinner over an open fire, take a plunge in the river, and stargaze under the clearest night ski you can imagine. Unplug and unwind!

Snowy Img4 Day 3: Mountain Cycling

You’ve gone off-road and off-grid, and now it’s time to get a leg up! The Snowy Mountains offer some of the best mountain biking trails in the country, with a range of options for all skill levels. One of the most popular courses is the Thredbo Valley Trail, a 16 km track crossing several impressive suspension bridges, lush grasslands, and eucalyptus forests.

For the more experienced cyclist, the Mount Kosciuszko descent spans 20 km of adrenaline-pumping downhill thrills from the top of Australia’s highest peak to the wild Thredbo Valley.

When all is said and done it’s back to Jindabyne with your trusty off-road set up until next time. Don’t forget, your Cars for Cancer ticket purchase supports the vital medical research and exceptional patient care at Mater, and there’s no greater thrill than that!

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