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Our 3 Favourite Things about the Shelby Mustang

Cf C81 Shelby Snake Lop Big

Everything about the Shelby Super Snake Mustang roars style and performance.

Whether you’re new to the motoring world or a seasoned enthusiast, there are hundreds of things you’ll come to love about the Mustang in this car lottery.

At Mater Cars for Cancer, we adore this model. And there were three things that really stood out to us – from its exclusive look to its iconic performance.

1. Limited Edition Super Car

We love the fact that it’s such a limited edition car – one of only 500 built in the world!

To commemorate the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby, the ultimate super snake hatched: the Shelby Super Snake Mustang. So, not only is it a special, commemorative model honouring the car’s history, it’s also a limited edition. That means you’ll (most likely) never meet another one out there.

Only 500 of these will ever run their tyres over the world’s roads!

There’s more than just winning a car in this coming draw; you’ll also become a part of an exclusive group of Mustang owners. And with its signature badge bolted on its sides and in the interior, it’s something no one will forget.

2. Incredible Look

You can’t miss its sleek new look – 50th anniversary badging and that iconic racing design.

This Super Snake grips the road like it grips your attention. With the classic muscle-car look mixed with modern, smooth curves, its design is innovative while retaining the ‘67 model’s spirit.

Some of the stand-out fixtures include:

  • Shelby Super Snake silver stripe kit
  • 50th anniversary rear spoiler
  • Shelby Super Snake forged polished wheels.

The stripe has represented racing cars for decades and this car deserves to take the look. Then there’s the shape that just looks stunning. Its new hood bows over the enormous engine while the anniversary rear spoiler flicks up delicately at the back. Then there’s the detailing of the front splitter and grills, the rocker panels, and rear splitter.

Overall, the Super Snake look is perfection.

3. Upgraded Performance

And then there’s the Super Snake’s upgraded power and performance – superchargers boasting over 559kW (750HP).

It’s no standard pony. This is an enormously powerful Mustang. Headed by Ford’s 5.0L V8 engine with superchargers, this package charges into high-velocities with 559kW (750HP). That means you’ll be in control of immense acceleration and outstanding performance.

The high-performance features are in the details, too. The 20-inch polished, forged aluminium wheels include tyre-pressure monitoring systems. They make sure you maintain the safest pressure possible. Then there’s the Wilwood brake callipers, upgraded brake cooling and Shelby handling package that take it to a completely new level of motoring.

Whether you’ll be testing it on a licensed track, or picking up the kids after school, you’ll have a world-class vehicle at your fingertips.

Along with the chance to win a car, purchasing a ticket is also a part of Mater’s cancer fundraising. You can directly support Mater Research in our quest to combat cancer and its effect on people and their families.

Win a car of your dreams with Mater Cars for Cancer!

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