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Pssst—can you keep a secret?

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The battle is on again, we have another piece of American muscle to face off against the all-time Australian favourite in our upcoming Mater Cars for Cancer lottery.

One of these cars has more horsepower per litre than any other American muscle car, and the other car is without a doubt the most powerful production car ever built in Australia.

With both cars pumping out a combined 930kW, they certainly won’t disappoint. These SUPERCHARGED beasts will turn heads for miles, can you guess which V8’s they might be?

Once again the lucky winner will have to make the tough decision of which car they would choose to park in their driveway! PLUS the winner will also drive away with over $35,000 worth of gold bullion! In total this awesome prize is valued at $150,000!

On Wednesday 9 November we will let you in on this little secret and unveil our newest lottery! Stay tuned!

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