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Roam or Ride: A decision that divided a household

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Rachael, received the winning call for Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No.97 while she was busy enjoying a coffee at a café.

When Rachael first heard the news that she’d won first prize she responded, “Are you for real, oh my god, I’m shaking! Is that the Silverado and the motorbikes?”

At the Mater Foundation, we were convinced that Rachael would choose the Ride package. As it turned out, the decision wasn’t that straight forward.

Rachael had the choice between the Ride package: A Silverado 1500HD LTZ, PLUS two KTM EXC-F dirt bikes, PLUS $60,000 in cashable gold.

Or the Roam package: A Toyota LandCruiser VX, PLUS a Jayco All-Terrain caravan, PLUS $45,000 in cashable gold bullion.

Roam or Ride

Rachael followed up by saying, “My husband likes the Silverado, but my son likes the LandCruiser!” We then knew this would be a tough decision!

We stayed in contact with Rachael, eager to hear which prize option she would choose. Rachael later told us she put it to a family vote. It was stacked at two votes for the Roam option and two for the Ride. The debate continued, Rachael herself was struggling to choose between the two amazing prizes.

Rachael told us her son came home one day and said, “It’s my mission to convince everyone to choose the Silverado.”

The family decided to take a three-hour trek down to Perth to take one for a test drive. That’s when Rachael said her mind was made up and the choice was the Ride Package.

“Once I drove the Silverado, I knew we had to take it, ” she said. “It was just amazing; there was so much room in the back, my three kids didn’t even have to touch each other in the back seat which has always caused arguments before!”

So that debate was settled, and the Ride package was chosen!


“When I first bought the tickets, I remember saying to my husband, ‘I’m making a donation to this charity’—that’s what I call buying a ticket because I’ve never won anything before” He now says, that was the best decision I’ve ever made.

“This prize is amazing and the cancer research that the money from purchasing my ticket will go to is equally amazing. The small community I live in was buzzing with excitement for days (maybe even weeks) when I won, you would actually think the whole town had won first prize. I think the whole town will fit in the back of the Silverado!”

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