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Rusty’s story

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When Russell (Rusty) and Lorraine met at a country dance, it was love at first sight. She was just 18 and he was only 20, but they were married within two years.

Their life together was a real love story. They adored each other, and together they welcomed two beautiful children and three gorgeous grandchildren into the world.
Sadly, in 2005, the good times came to a tragic end when Lorraine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. By the time her illness was detected, it had already spread and the best Mater’s oncologists could do was give her as much time as possible.
Lorraine passed away after two years and five months of ill health, leaving Rusty bereft but also more determined than ever to keep fighting the disease that took his beloved wife from him.
So with his children’s blessing, Rusty decided to add Mater to his Will. Lorraine is at peace now, but Rusty knows that thousands of Australian women remain at risk from ovarian cancer—including his own family.
“I decided to include Mater in my Will because I don’t want others to suffer like my wife Lorraine did.”
It brings him great comfort to know that because of his gift, Mater’s researchers can take another step towards beating ovarian cancer.
By including Mater in your Will, you can support the worldwide fight against cancer and other serious diseases. For more information, visit letyourloveliveon.org.au.

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