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Segment-Topping Family Crossover

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Third Prize of 3 Chances to Win

Everybody likes winning a raffle, but until now, Mater Cars for Cancer’s prize pools have been strictly limited to one lucky winner per competition. For Draw 103, everything has changed with quality prizes offered across first, second and third. With the latter being a Hyundai Tucson Elite worth $40,220, third never looked so good. Grab a ticket today to put yourself in the running.

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How we move our bodies through the landscape has changed markedly over the last 20 years. Two decades ago, the Holden Commodore and the Ford Falcon were the trusty steeds upon which we rode. Their volume sellers were both ‘three box’ sedans with a passenger compartment in the middle, a bonnet that stuck out the front and a boot that stuck out of the rear. If you had to move a border collie, you instead opted for the wagon version, which was the same thing, but with a longer wheelbase and an even bigger rear.

Our love affair with large sedans and wagons lasted over 50 years, but there was one major problem with them, regardless of make, model, brand or year; as practical as they were, they just weren’t that practical. Gradually, buyers were teased away by the allure of the go-anywhere SUV which, thanks to the original Range Rover, was a segment rapidly combining car-like refinement with its already legendary versatility. Interestingly though, for an increasing portion of buyers pool, it wasn’t the ability to conquer Kosciusko that appealed.

For many people, it was the increase in ride height which brought along better visibility and with that, a more confident drive. For others, it was the SUV’s ability to swallow a wagon’s worth of gear, without being the length of Bob Hawke’s limo. And for some, it was the mere perception that they could hit the sticks on the weekend, even if they never did. And thus, the soft-roader, or modern SUV was born. Plenty of companies are building them, and right now the cream of the crop is the Hyundai Tucson. If you’d love to see one in your driveway, grab a ticket today.

It’s hard to believe that the Tucson is almost 20 years old. Released in 2004, the original Tucson was a basic beast and not exactly pretty, but it regularly topped reliability surveys. Often beating more expensive brands, Hyundai was on the march, from cheap-and-cheerful to truly aspirational, the bullish confidence showed by offering generous, industry-leading warranty periods was proof that Hyundai had arrived.

The fourth generation Tucson now sits at the forefront of styling, quality and technology in its segment. It’s telling that these cars have become the yardstick for family motoring, while our once-beloved, three-box sedans are now consigned to the history books.

The Tucson Elite offers leather seats, powered and heated in the front, dual-zone climate control with rear vents and Apple Car Play or Android Auto, all controlled through a new, 10.25” touchscreen. Featuring Hyundai’s latest interface system, the screen can be split with multiple functions and various information displayed at once; handy as scrolling through menus is frustrating behind the wheel.

Even more frustrating is scrolling through slow, laggy menus, with Hyundai’s new system giving none of that grief. The GPS system is similarly smooth and is guaranteed to be kept up to date for 10 years if you service it through their dealer network. But to service the car, you have to own the car, and the most frugal way to do that is to win it, so grab a ticket today to put yourself in the running.

The latest Hyundai Tucson Elite includes natty features like remote start; handy in the cold, but even handier on a 40-degree day to get that cabin temp down before you hop in. Out on the road, the Tucson offers a number of active safety features, including lane departure assist, speed limit assist and collision avoidance assist. This is next-level safety equipment that doesn’t just beep when things are going awry, but will actually help steer or brake to keep you safe.

So have no fear if your ticket is drawn for third prize, because you’ll scootch away in a brand-new Hyundai Tucson Elite. A recent comparison test run by carsales.com.au saw the Tucson finish first out of 11 other competitors. With the website proclaiming the Tucson the ‘best mid-size SUV of 2021’, third prize in Draw 103 is an outright winner after all.

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