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Subaru WRX STI spec.R: Rally Bred Road Rocket


By Dave Cary

Mater Cars for Cancer is proud to present your latest prize car, the Subaru WRX STI spec R. Part of the Dynamic Duo to be drawn 18 November.

The Subaru WRX has been one of Australia’s favourite sports sedans for over 25 years. It landed here in March 1994 and immediately commanded a fervent following. The WRX was, and remains, an excellent base for both club racing and customisation, with a aftermarket industry that grew quickly in its wake. We’ve rolled the best of these factors into an MY20 Subaru WRX STI spec.R and offer you the chance to win it, starting at $30.

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SUBARU: Mainstream but Different

Prior to the release of the Impreza, Subaru’s approach to mainstream motoring was certainly quirky; the Subaru 1000 of 1966 introduced the enduring ‘boxer’ four-cylinder engine. The Leone added all-wheel-drive from 1972 and from 1983, Subaru became a leading-edge pioneer in turbocharging technology.

These offbeat hallmarks combined in 1990’s Subaru Liberty RS (Legacy RS overseas), forged the brand a considerable reputation in rallying. With the Legacy’s weight its only shortcoming, the lighter Impreza followed and when the WRX joined the Australian line up in 1994, a true rally star was born. The EJ20 boxer motor loved being turbocharged, its throbby exhaust note becoming one of the most recognisable noises in the automotive soundscape.

THE VA-model SUBARU WRX: First of a New Generation

For 2014, the WRX split from the basic Impreza shape with entirely new front bodywork, rear door skins and rear quarter panels. No longer constrained by the limitations of its snoozy roots, the WRX became even stronger in character, especially with the MY18 update. Further improvements followed for 2020, including Apple and Android integration and a Harman Kardon infotainment system rocking a seven-inch screen.

We’re aching to give one of these away in our Dynamic Duo lottery. A quick spend of $30 could give you first-hand experience in an MY20 WRX STI spec.R, putting it in your driveway along with a Hilux Rugged X and $55,000 worth of cashable gold bullion.

Inside of Subaru’s range-topping race and rally weapon, you sit in supportive, heated, Recaro seats exclusive to the spec.R. For the boring commutes, it includes blind-spot monitor, front-view monitor, high-beam assist, lane-change assist, side-view monitor and rear cross-traffic alert; it’s almost comically impossible to get in trouble.

The eight, amp-driven Harman Kardon speakers and subwoofer drown out the children, their kiddie seats restrained by two ISOFIX mounts; it’s a lot safer than putting them in the tray! But with all WRXs, the party piece is under the bonnet and we’ve saved that for last. First though, consider saving a life or two by supporting our quest to cure cancer. Your assistance enables us to continue our research, starting from just $30.

POWERING UP: A Very Special Package

As impressive as the 221kw, turbocharged EJ257 boxer four is, we sent the WRX off to NA Autosport and Engineering for a complete performance upgrade worth more than $15,000. A pair of PSR Racing headers blast gas through a trick Blouch RBK Dominator turbo and out via an Invidia R400 exhaust. We’ve added a fuel system to suit and a customised tune.

Power is up around to 300kW when running E85, so stopping is handled by six piston Brembo brakes at the front squeezing cross-drilled rotors, ensuring you’re never caught short on the road or at the track. A set of 19×9.5” SSR GTX01 alloys complete the package.

The upgrades unlock beast-mode on what is already Subaru’s most accomplished sports sedan to date. Docile enough to daily drive, angry enough to attack the track; the choice really will be yours.

You know you want it!

Grabbing a ticket into the latest lottery could see this six-speed road warrior in your garage, right next to an unbreakable Toyota Rugged X and $55k worth of cashable gold bullion. Hit the buy button to unlock your chance to win the Dynamic Duo.

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