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Sydney grandmother wins supercar

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Like on all draw days, the whole Mater lottery team crowded into one office and the winner was called on speaker phone. We all stood in utter silence waiting for the phone to connect – but all we heard was an engaged signal.  After half a dozen failed attempts to phone the winner, we sent a letter and sat back waiting patiently for her to receive the exciting news.

It wasn’t until late Tuesday afternoon, almost two weeks later, that the lottery Marketing Manager received a phone call from the very shocked grandmother from Sydney.

Returning from holiday after the Australia Day long weekend, our winner had found an unexpected tracked parcel in her mail. To her surprise, the letter informed her that not only had she won a super car worth $82,841, she had her choice of three – a HSV Clubsport R8, an FPV GT or a WRX STI Spec.R!

After reading the letter, she quickly rang her husband to let him know the good news. All he could say on the other line was a disbelieving “what?” She happily informed him that it was “not just any car, I have a choice of 3!”

Two weeks later the proud winner picked up her brand new WRX STI Spec.R when she and her sister were in Brisbane. The pair both attended the hand over and planned to drive it home making a few visits to family and friends on the way.

When asked what reaction she had from people hearing her news, she said the majority of people say “wow, people actually win those cars!”

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