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The 6 Best Movie Mustangs

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Modern Hollywood has favoured Mustangs for obvious reasons. They’re powerful, they’re sleek, and they sound incredible in surround sound.

But over the past few decades, which were the best?

Our own Mustang fans at Mater Cars for Cancer have chosen the top 6. Discover the Oscar-worthy Mustangs below.

1) Diamonds are Forever (1971)

‘71 Mach 1

Driven by Bond himself (Sean Connery), this is first on our list. Painted in hell-fire red, this pony rode through Las Vegas in an incredible police car chase – ending with the ’71 Mach 1 driving on two wheels. With its headlights on and its body reflecting the bright signs of Las Vegas, it looked almost as good as 007 himself.

This model wasn’t the first to feature in a Bond film; the ‘65 convertible in Goldfinger was. It was also the first Mustang to ever appear in a movie.

2 & 3) Gone in 60 Seconds (1974 & 2000)

’73 “Eleanor” SportsRoof & ’67 “Eleanor” Shelby GT 500

Both the original and remake deserve a spot in this list. The first Eleanor, driven by Toby Halicki (who also wrote, directed and produced the movie), conquered a seemingly endless car chase with vigilance and style. And that’s lightning-yellow style.

In the 2000 version of the movie, the Mustang was modified to beef up its appearance and specs. Like a war horse ready for battle, this machine was tough. And its look became so popular that it inspired many others to modify their Mustangs.

Both movies featured a jump during the big car chase. And, of course, Halicki did that himself too.

4) Death Race (2008)

2006 Mustang GT

OK. So they may have customised this one a little bit – and not just under the hood. This pony was strapped with war armour and weapons designed to dominate the road. You may not see this one on your local street, but it’s a testament to the raw strength of the Mustang.

5) John Wick (2014)

‘69 Boss 429

Beloved by protagonist John Wick and generations of Mustang fans, the ’69 Boss 429 is a spectacular sight – especially when its driven by the deadly assassin. It’s no wonder he gets upset when it’s stolen from his garage.

Sadly, all five Mustangs built for the movie were destroyed.

6) Bullitt (1968)

’68 Bullitt

Last on our list is the most important Mustang to drive on movie reels. The ’68 Bullitt was driven by Steve McQueen and he actually did many of the car stunts himself. The car’s design was stunning – especially with its coat of Highland green. When the film debuted featuring one of the best car scenes of all time, the Mustang name became huge around the world.

Swerving through traffic and knocking villains off the road – that’s a car chase only the Mustang could pull off.

While the original ’68 Bullitt sleeps in its anonymous owner’s garage, a new model has emerged. The 2019 Mustang Bullitt has been bred with the same DNA of its predecessor…

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