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The dos and don’ts of coastal interior styling

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When you’re surrounded by the gentle lull of the ocean, year-round sunshine and enjoying a laid-back life, it’s essential that your home matches your beautiful location and glorious mood. Coastal interior styling has a sense of tranquility about it. We designed our latest Sunshine Coast Mater Prize Home No. 297 to complement its stunning setting just metres away from the beach through a carefully curated selection of furniture and finishings to bring out the best in its location, and help you feel right at home from the moment you move in.

Our Bokarina Mater Prize Home nails the calm, coastal brief with its sophisticated styling and spacious, light and airy vibe. Taking inspiration from its coastal location, you’ll find a colour palette of blues and neutrals, along with warm wood accents – including floor-to-ceiling cabinetry in the modern kitchen and the luxe open staircase leading up to the second floor. There’s also no shortage of large windows throughout this 4-bedroom home to let in as much natural light as possible.

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Even if you’re not lucky enough to literally live by the beach, you can still incorporate the key elements of coastal interior styling into your home for that feeling of a virtual vacation every single day. Follow these top dos and don’ts for creating a coastal style in your home.


DO adopt a blue colour palette

A coastal interior should be inspired by its natural surroundings, which means a blue colour palette will feel right at home in your space. Deep, dark shades of blue create a polished yet inviting space, especially when paired with natural wood textures and lots of white and sandy tones. There’s no need to overdo it with the seaside references – rather than palm-printed cushions, simply play with textured fabrics in monotone colours and add in modern patterns to break up the blues for a mature, considered look.

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DON’T clutter your space

The beauty about beach life is that airy, breezy vibe that intrinsically comes with being near the ocean, which can’t be achieved with clutter or over-styling. An open plan supports a soothing flow and the feeling of generous, wide open spaces where you can breathe easily. Don’t forget to also blur the boundaries between inside and out. Nobody comes to the beach to be cooped up indoors! Avoid putting anything against your wall-to-wall glass doors to the patio as more often than not you’ll have them completely open to let in those sea breezes, and for easy access to your second (alfresco) living room. Choose outdoor furniture that complements your interior styling for a seamless transition.

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DO show restraint with the styling

When it comes to styling the decor in a coastal home, there’s a fine line between it coming across as kitsch and keeping the look refined. Don’t go too ‘theme’ heavy with things like shells and coral (from prints to actual ones), Instead, look at minimalist pieces that allude to the beach. Think sea glass-inspired drinkware, black-and-white artwork of the coastline, or present a scattering of sea shells in an elegant vessel, like a hand-carved wooden bowl. Subtle and chic is the perfect ode to a beautiful beach setting.

DON’T forget to make your home feel lived in

It’s one thing to bring that carefree attitude of coastal living into your abode with the right colour palette and furniture pieces, but a house isn’t a home unless it feels lived in. To make the most of life by the beach, you’ll need some accessories that help you embrace your seaside neighbourhood to its fullest. Surfboards are the perfect toy for taking advantage of your close vicinity to epic waves – and they happen to also be great styling pieces for creating the finishing touches on your coastal interior. Other styling additions to make your place feel more homely include books, a cosy throw for your couch, candles with aquatic-inspired fragrances, and lots of greenery!

Psst, our Bokarina home lottery comes with two JS Monsta Box Surfboards so we’ve got you covered for play and props!

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DO encourage natural light to shine through

Let natural light drench your interior with the help of sheer curtains and high ceilings. Additionally, opt for white walls and ceilings as they bounce light around your home. A bright interior can make a space feel even bigger, not to mention it has a lovely way of boosting your mood (although living by the beach you’re probably already smiling on a daily basis!).

Want to stop dreaming about living by the beach and actually wake up to the sound of the ocean every morning? At our Sunshine Coast Mater Prize Home, the coastal styling is already done for you; all you have to do is move in! Buy your tickets today to win this beachside Mater Prize Home lottery. Plus, every home lottery ticket you purchase helps support the life-changing patient care and important medical research at Mater.

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