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The Great Race! Where will you be?

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Who among us has made the ultimate Aussie pilgrimage to witness fire-breathing V8s race at Bathurst?

Many have witnessed the race and experienced it personally. A good portion though, have never made it to Mount Panorama, and watch from the comfort of the lounge chair, preferably on a large HD TV with the surround sound up much higher than usually accepted by spouses.

When it comes to experiencing the 1000km endurance race and the heart-stopping excitement of the last few laps, surely wherever you are—this year it’s going to be an experience to remember.

From races past, we can expect jolts of awe and also disappointment. It wouldn’t be Bathurst without a few surprises like kangaroos jumping onto the track, or the small mistake that could end the race for an entire team.

Even without the expected surprises of the race, it’s also remembered by anyone who ever dreams to race there. At least, working on your car seems a little more stimulated for a few days or weeks. For most of us, even though our non-performance domesticated vehicles might not live through the 3 sets of brake pad changes nor have the ability to handle even closely to a performance race car—it’s an awesome dream we get to revisit every year in watching the best-of-the best tame the mountain.

What do you think: Will it be an open race? Will those without Foxtel suffer through the endless overwhelming torrent of TV advertising to get a glimpse of actual car racing?

Bathurst 1000, Mount Panorama—whoever you’re with or wherever you are, Australian motorsport history is about to be rewritten again this year as we wait with bated breath for ‘what the mountain may bring’. Where will you be 8 – 11 October 2015?

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