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The History Of Our Latest Prize Cars

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What makes a car a classic? Our latest prize car lottery up for grabs – the Mustang GT Fastback and HSV Camaro 2SS Coupe – are legendary cars that are popular around the world. But how did they reach that level of recognition?

Discover the stories behind these legendary cars and how they became the road icons they are today below.

The Mustang Story

An Iconic Design

The idea behind the first Mustang in the ‘60s was to create something that looked like nothing on the current market. And once they’d done it, people couldn’t get enough of it. Shaped like a fighter jet with a large grill and big circle headlights, Americans loved it – with over a million being sold in its first year and a half of production.

Rising Popularity

Years after its debut, Mustangs began appearing in Hollywood. From Steve McQueen’s ’68 Bullitt to James Bond’s (Sean Connery) ‘71 Mach 1, Mustangs were gaining traction around the globe as the coolest drive available. This set Ford on a journey – which had its roadblocks – to evolve the Mustang into what we know today.

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Mustang GT Fastback

Retaining the original Mustang GT style, but with new high-end specs, the latest model is an exhilarating experience. The shape is incredibly appealing, especially with that fastback. And when it comes to performance, the V8 engine roars louder than any Mustang and offers tremendous torque.

The Camaro Story

Engineering a Rival

With the Ford Mustang making headlines in the ‘60s, Chevrolet needed a competitor. And the contender they chose to build was the Camaro. The sports coupe and convertible models gave drivers a taste of sports driving, and they just got hungrier. While the Mustang was staying sleek and aesthetic, the Camaro wore a wide hood that everyone loved.

An Evolving Shape

From the ‘70s, Camaros started going through minor style changes. The 1970 Camaro Z28 featured a pointing grill that made the car look like an arrow on the road. The arrow look stayed prominent throughout the decades, becoming lower and sharper until the Camaro’s popularity popped in the early 2000s.

From 2002 to 2010, the Camaro line was on the bench, waiting for its next play.

HSV Camaro 2SS Coupe

From the ashes has come an incredible range of Camaros, like our very own prize car. The HSV Camaro 2SS Coupe encapsulates that classic feel with its huge hood and fierce look. But its engine doesn’t feel nostalgic at all. Re-engineered by HSV, this Camaro 2SS Coupe features a supercharged 6.2L LT4 V8 engine – giving you access to enormous power at the tip of your foot.

Bred as rivals, the Mustang GT Fastback and HSV Camaro 2SS Coupe have been racing for the world’s affection for decades. And now you can settle it once and for all. In our latest car lottery, you could win the chance to choose between these two road legends. Which one would you choose?

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