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The Spirit Of Holden V Ford

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One of my fondest childhood memories is driving around as a passenger with my grandfather while having some great conversations.

When I say great conversations, I mean witty banter and sledging. We could easily go an hour without getting bored of talking that way.

Grandad liked to travel around Australia with grandma. When they would come back home, he would sometimes drive us kids around town in the 4WD. He’d start discussing which parts he’d needed replaced whilst on his journeys in the 4WD. Invariably, the topic of cars in general would quickly come up as both he and I knew, this was what our little drives were all about.

All I ever needed was ‘the hook’—that place in the conversation where there was an opening to hurl a flow of insults towards my grandfather about his very poor taste in vehicles.

You see, grandad was a Ford fan.

Grandad was clearly crazy—and I would naturally tell him so. It must be described at this point, how wonderful it is for a young lad, to be “allowed” to pummel an authority figure down with insults about his tastes. It’s truly a special thing. What made it even more special, looking back, was that whether I was 6 or 16 years old, the conversation always remained charmingly the same.

Only those who’ve chosen a side would understand, that no matter your choice of Holden or Ford – it’s your job to put the other team’s choice of car down wherever possible since you’re on the opposing. By example, to turn the conversation around so that it points out a failing in his choice of “going Ford”. As you can tell, I’d given my passion and enthusiasm toward team red—Holden. My first car of course ended up being a Commodore (VC).

The spirit of these delightful verbal matches we’d have though, is what’s most important to Australia’s cultural history. To an outsider it seemingly divides a nation, though in fact the whole point while openly competing against each other whether we admit it or not, is that the two brands bring many of us closer together as people and as one bigger family. Holden vs Ford brought sunshine to our days through hilarious chatter to those who participate. His choice of car would fall to pieces, as would mine and we were both ‘crazy’ for choosing either brand.

The above translates to a good time for Australians—there is no ‘why’ so it’s best not to ask about it.

We will continue to celebrate the cars, the race drivers, competitions like Bathurst (aka “The Great Race”), and the sarcastic yet dependable mateship of fellow passionate Australian car enthusiasts. If you took a step back and looked at the whole thing, you’d see a bunch of happy and passionate people, in a sea of red and blue, all together as one group, interacting socially and having an extremely good time.

While we’re here and alive, what is better than having a good time with others?

As these iconic Aussie brands now wind down their presence in this great nation—we will remember how we shaped them, and how they shaped us. Let’s celebrate the passionate social conversations that made long-lasting memories we will probably tell our own grandchildren. As I said at the beginning, these are some of my own fondest memories.

– Holden Enthusiast

We’d like you to share your story too! What is your fond memory of the spirit of Holden vs Ford?

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