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The ultimate snow gadgets for 2017

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Mater Prize Home lottery No. 270 boasts a thrilling prize line-up for snow lovers. You could be living it up every ski season at the beautiful QT managed holiday apartment in Falls Creek PLUS enjoying a holiday ski package valued at $5,000—and that’s not even half the prize!

To add to the excitement, we’ve pulled together a list of the latest in high-tech ski accessories to make your trip extra special. These awesome snow gadgets should raise the heartbeat of any ski bunny. Time to hit the slopes!

Zippo Hand Warmer

Skiers and snowboarders everywhere agree the Zippo Hand Warmer is one hot little gadget—literally! Unlike disposable warmers, the Zippo maintains the same toasty temperature for 12 hours. It achieves this in a safe way too; the heat is produced by a catalytic burner so there’s no flame involved.

This compact hand warmer fits into the smallest pockets and is rugged and durable due to its metal construction. Easy to use, you simply fill it up and flick it on!


Abom Anti-Fog Goggle

I can see clearly now…thanks to these little wonder goggles. Rather than using little fans to prevent fogging (which don’t always work), they incorporate a highly effective lens-heating system that works like the defroster in your car, keeping your vision clear.

Their battery life is around six hours in active mode but there’s also a boost mode that provides a quick antifogging for 10 minutes then shuts down until you activate it again.

Another cool feature about these is that the lenses are interchangeable and available in several colours for different weather conditions.


Solano Heated Gloves

These gloves take comfort to the max—their interior heating system provides a whopping 36 different levels of heat for customized warmth! Charge them up at night and they will keep your paws comfy and dry all day long—no matter what conditions you’re battling.



If you like to play freestyle on the slopes, you’ll have some real fun with Trace. It’s an innovative new activity monitor for action sports that allows you to collect data on your jumps, flips, spins, turns, carves and much more. Using its advanced sensors and GPS technology, you can track the speed, height, distance and rotation of all your moves. It syncs to your smartphone too so you can show your friends that you actually made that jump!


Suunto Ambit3 Peak watch

At around 200 hours, the battery life of this watch is amazing and knocks the competition off-piste! It’s also fast and accurate with a built-in altimeter, compass and spot-on GPS tracking.

The Suunto Ambit3 provides you with weather and altitude data and records your time, speed and distance as you ski down the slopes. You can even download trail maps to it for navigation in remote areas without cell service.

This clever watch pairs with your phone and will notify you of messages and calls. All movement data is synced with the Suunto phone app so you can easily access or share it.

The Suunto Ambit3 is comfy to wear and the design can handle a good deal of wear and tear, giving it a surprisingly long lifespan. It’s water resistant too for up to 100 metres so you can keep in on in the hot tub!


Receptor BUG Communication helmet

This BUG has got the beats, Beats by Dr Dre® to be exact! These exclusive headphones are built into the neck roll providing you with sweet tunes as you carve up the powder. You can change music, adjust volume and take calls from your smartphone via remote control.

Its advanced design also protects your head from sharp objects and offers optional ventilation.


GoPro Hero5 Black

The GoPro Hero5 Black is your ultimate snow companion, capturing the action wherever your adventure takes you. It’s the most powerful and user-friendly GoPro to date with crystal clear 4K resolution video and high quality 12MP images. Handheld or mounted to your ski gear, this GoPro cam creates a smooth recording and filters out wind noise for better play-back.

With voice control, you can instruct the Hero5 to take a photo when you’re mid-action and easily play and edit it via the touch display. The GoPro Hero5 Black is also waterproof to 10 metres so no problems if it drops in the slushy snow!


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