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Three Chances to Win and Get Fully Loaded

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You never know your luck in the big city, they say. Equally, you never know your luck if you plonk some dollars down on a ticket in the latest Mater Cars for Cancer. Three draws means three times the chance to win and if you do, your driveway will be fully loaded regardless of whether it’s Draw One, Two or Three.

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There was a time when the prizes offered by Mater Cars for Cancer were almost exclusively factory fettled Holdens or Fords. Sometimes, the good people at Mater called upon an aftermarket company to hot up the prize steeds, giving the machines more oomph over their standard brethren.

Well, Aussie Holdens and Fords may be gone, but the spirit of vehicle customisation is alive and well, and Mater Cars for Cancer is channelling this for Draw One of lottery No. 104. The lucky winner will find a modified 79 series Toyota LandCruiser GXL in their ownership, fully loaded and ready to conquer the off-road.


Australia is the number one market for the venerable 79 series LandCruiser, which first hit the market back in 1984. Mater Cars for Cancer have secured one of these rigs; a ‘VDJ79R’ dual cab 4.5 litre turbo diesel, then unleashed the beast by way of a Torqit high performance 3.5” exhaust and Safari snorkel. A Patriot Off Road Camper three-quarter canopy has been added, as well as a custom interior. Outside, the dual cab body has been covered in a Matte White wrap, giving the rig a clean and strong visage. If this sounds like your kind of machine, put some dollars down on a ticket today.


It’s true that the 79 series LandCruiser is a dinosaur in the best possible way, but should your ticket be pulled for Draw Two, then you’ll be the lucky winner of a car that could be considered the exact opposite. To ignore the march of the electric vehicle is to do so at your own peril, and to ignore Elon Musk’s upstart Tesla Model 3 is downright irrational.

Tesla can be thanked for bringing the electric car into the mainstream, shifting it from the wonky and weird noddy cars of yore to something both sexy and practical. Oh, and did I say fast? The Tesla Model 3 Long Range can take you 614km on a single charge, but if you wanted to get somewhere closer and sooner, it will belt to 100km/h in a mere 4.4 seconds.

With the sudden increase in the price of fuel, putting a Tesla Model 3 Long Range in your driveway is a win-win, but first you’ll need a ticket. Buying one not only puts you in the draw for one of these fabulous vehicles but ensures that critical work towards the cure for cancer, as well as help for those living with it, continues unabated.


With Draw One offering a retro truck with unstoppable off-road manners and Draw Two a cutting-edge electric vehicle both prompt and pragmatic, Draw Three ain’t no consolation prize.

Volkswagen need no introduction, and their T-Cross 85TSI Style is their latest subcompact SUV. Actually, it’s their first subcompact SUV, based off the VW Polo platform and embiggened to suit your lifestyle.

The T-cross is at the pointy end of its field and is outsold by few, with independent reviews usually awarding it 8/10 or more. The 1.0 litre turbo returns a combined fuel economy of 5.4L/100kms; that’s only slightly above nothing, making it almost as frugal as the Tesla! Appointed comprehensively, you could say the T-Cross is ‘fully loaded’, just like lottery No. 104 itself.

Buying a ticket today will put you in the draw for any one of these three magnificent vehicles, but don’t wait around, lottery No. 104 closes on Friday 13 May. Once drawn, three people will find their driveways fully loaded, just make sure it could be you.

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