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Trade City Life For Our Gold Coast Hinterland Mater Prize Home

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Why you should relocate from the city to the hinterland

The bright lights of big cities have their appeal – easy access, endless options – but there’s something about escaping it all in favour of more space, a quieter lifestyle, and greener pastures that is drawing people to make the move to acreage living. The way we live day to day has changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Our homes have become our sanctuaries where we are now spending more time than ever, which has seen city dwellers decide to pack up their lives in search of a place they’re happy to call home (and self-isolate in at the drop of a lockdown announcement).

Here’s why it’s time to trade in city living for life in the Gold Coast Hinterland…

Love where you live

Convenience often comes at the expense of space in the city. Basics like a garage, garden and multiple living areas are luxuries you may not be able to afford. Expensive city living may also mean compromising on quality, settling for what you need rather than everything you want. When you move further out, you can get everything on your wishlist. Suddenly being stuck at home inside a 4-bedroom house like our Mater Prize Home that has a sparkling pool and soaker tub – both with spectacular views of the hinterland – along with a modern kitchen and plenty of outdoor living doesn’t seem so bad.


 Work comfortably from home

When you take the work commute out of the equation, one of the top pros of living close to the city becomes redundant. Now you’re stuck inside your home’s four walls trying to continue getting your job done. It’s amazing what an allocated home office space can do for productivity and what a good view can do to lift your mood while you work. With working from home the new normal, it’s no surprise everyone is seeking larger houses that serve dual purposes.

Get closer to a different kind of action

Sure, you may not be within walking distance of a coffee shop anymore, but you’re within easy reach of something so much better: nature. In the Gold Coast hinterland, that means mountain hikes, stunning lookouts, waterfalls and wildlife. A short drive away you’ll also find the Gold Coast’s best beaches, theme parks for those who crave a different kind of adrenalin, and if you’re missing the city, you’re only a 30-minute drive away.

Bonus: Our latest Mater Prize Home No. 295 includes a 2021 Range Rover Evoque and two 2021 Scott Aspect 950 mountain bikes to entice you to get out into nature every chance you get.

Hinterland Escape

Breathe in cleaner air

There’s something about being out in nature that compels you to stop and take in a deep breath. The fresh air isn’t just good for the soul, it’s good for your health. Away from all the city pollution caused by heavy traffic, industrial sources and high density housing, you’re surrounded by cleaner air and quieter open spaces. Other health perks include access to fresh, locally grown foods and all that greenery that has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress.

Ready to trade in city living for life in the hinterland? Buy your tickets today to win our Mater Prize Home lottery and move to the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland. This 4-bedroom modern acreage prize home has everything you need to enjoy the good life. Plus, for every ticket purchased, you will be helping support valuable medical research and patient care at Mater in Queensland.

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