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Unbeatable Features of the Retro-Fit GTSR

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Unbeatable Features of the Retro-Fit GTSR

As the new Retro-fit HSV GTSR goes up as the gold prize (well, yellow prize) in our current Mater Cars for Cancer car lottery, you can win an exclusive Aussie icon! There’s everything to love about any HSV, but this prize car has caught our eye for 3 big reasons.

We share the 3 standout features that quickly became our team’s favourite things about this HSV supercar.

1. An Ode to an Aussie Icon

Commanding the roads and the eyes of onlookers, this car is an amazing sight. It looks like the latest metal beast to rev its engine (which it is), but there’s a hint of something else. Anyone well-versed in Aussie Supercar history will also see the spirit of a legend. This limited edition GTSR has been custom-fitted to pay homage to the original 1996 Holden VR driven by Supercar legend Craig Lowndes.

In this car lottery round, you won’t win a car. You’ll win a supercar.

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2. A One-of-a-Kind Build

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed the visual evolution of the GTSR. But it’s the retro-fit look of the GTSR on offer in this car lottery draw that’s truly special. Taking the innovative style of the latest GTSR range and the iconic features of the classic Commodore, this retro-fit car is one of a kind.

Its retro features include:

  • Retro badging: Most iconic is the bold GTSR badge painted on the rear doors.
  • V8 Supercars spoiler: A spoiler made for Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst.
  • Wheels: Huge SV Panorama forged alloy wheels with carbon effect.
  • Trim: Inside and out, the trim is fit for a new Aussie legend: you.
  • Paint: It embraces the bold and definitive Holden yellow.

Nothing about it feels like a car. With that classic racing spoiler, large body and the enormous engine that’s ready to roar, it deserves the title of supercar.

From the moment you step inside and strap yourself into the race-car-yellow seat, you almost expect to see a black and white checkered flag.

3. That Hearty Walkinshaw Power

Every HSV GTSR is born into the world of high-performance with one job: to provide its owner with one hell of a ride. The difference with this GTSR is that it’s been granted the power of the Walkinshaw Power Pack W557. Overlapping similar HSV cars, this retro-fit GTSR is incredibly fast – giving you exclusive access to lightning acceleration.

The Walkinshaw Power Pack W557 provides:

  • V8, 6.2L engine
  • 6-speed automatic transmission
  • 557+kw of power
  • 930Nm in torque
  • 747hp

That’s a hearty pack. And with a range of performance settings built into the vehicle, you can also choose to have a leisurely drive (with supercar guts a button away). Whichever settings you use, it’s a load of fun to drive.

Step into the vehicle that showcases Aussie Supercar history and presents the future of Aussie muscle car power.

Each ticket purchased to win a car goes towards Mater’s leading cancer research. You can support the cause and get the chance to win this one-of-a-kind HSV by purchasing a ticket today!

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