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Wellness trends for a happier, healthier 2022

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As we enter cold and flu season—and Covid-19 continues to put us on high alert of the importance of prioritising our health—it’s time to turn your focus towards the best ways to support your wellbeing. Luckily, the latest wellness trends are geared towards living a happy, healthier life with minimal effort and plenty of fun along the way!

Even better, our Mater Prize Home lottery No. 301 is the perfect home base for making your wellbeing goals a reality, from being close to inspiring outdoor activities to having key wellness essentials right in your own home (hello gym and sauna!).

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These are the top wellness trends for 2022:


Walk, don’t run

Make ‘slow and steady’ your mantra for 2022, and trade in vigorous runs for leisurely walks. Growing in popularity during the last couple of years of lockdowns where gyms were closed and the only acceptable excuse to leave the house was to exercise in your own neighbourhood, walking became a favourite way to not just workout, but also take a mental break. While it may not seem like an effective form of fitness compared to its heart rate-pumping counterpart running, regular brisk walks can help improve your cardiovascular fitness (which in turn reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke), help maintain a healthy weight, and it can even help reduce depression. The picturesque neighbourhood of Maudsland offers an easy option when you’re short on time, while all the surrounding hiking trails throughout the Gold Coast hinterland deliver plenty of challenging walks amongst nature when you want to step things up a notch.


At-home saunas

Saunas are the health trend heating up in homes right now. Offering the convenience of sweating out toxins and promoting a relaxed state whenever you feel the need, they’re a great addition to your health ritual as they can also help increase blood circulation, improve sleep, and aid in stress management. A luxury that not everyone can afford in their home (luckily our Mater Prize Home comes with one already built in!), there’s something so special and indulgent for those fortunate enough to be able to reap the rewards whenever their body is in need of a recharge.

Mindful plant-based eating

Trying to eat your daily dose of vegetables can feel like a chore, but it‘s time to adjust your mentality around plant-based eating. Forget tasteless steamed veggies you grew up on and learn how to cook vegetables in a way that celebrates their natural flavours. Start by buying fresh, seasonal produce at your local farmer’s market (the Helensvale Farmer’s Markets will become your weekly go-to every Saturday morning). It will feel good supporting your fellow neighbours, and you’ll be spoilt with rich, organic ingredients that simply taste better.

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Sleep care is the new self-care

We’re finally realising the importance of self-care and taking time out to nurture our own wellbeing. But we’re still overlooking one of the most important things we can do for our health: getting a good night’s sleep. Studies have shown that adequate sleep can help improve our lives in so many ways, from boosting our energy to increasing productivity and leaving us feeling calmer. If you struggle to sleep well, look at your evening habits (tip: stop using your phone at least an hour before bed and try reading in bed instead of watching TV). Assess your bedroom’s decor, too, as it may be hindering good sleep habits. The four bedrooms in our Gold Coast hinterland prize home have intentionally been styled with a soothing colour palette and minimal clutter to inspire rest and relaxation.

Sleep tip: To help send your body and mind into a restful state every evening, head out onto your beautiful balcony or patio and relish the spectacular sunsets that put on a show over the horizon at our Mater prize home. Watching the sun go down has been found to trigger your body’s melatonin production, which is the hormone the brain produces to help you feel sleepy.

Forest walk

Forest bathing

Hailing from Japan, the concept of forest bathing doesn’t actually mean taking a bath in the forest (although if that sounds like heaven to you, book yourself into the Lost World Spa to enjoy the soaking tub and breathtaking views of the surrounding treetops at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat). Translated from the term Shinrin-Yoku which is a form of sensual immersion, gentle movement, meditations and mindful breathing, forest bathing is a natural therapy concept that encourages you to soak up your surroundings. By connecting with nature and switching off from the modern world, you are able to focus on your mental wellbeing and reconnect with yourself, and hopefully reduce stress in your life in the process.

Living in the Gold Coast hinterland, you’ll find the practice effortless—simply wander into the woodlands and focus on nothing but the sights, sounds and smells to reap the happy, calm vibes of forest bathing.

Ready to live a happier and healthier life in the Gold Coast hinterland? Buy your tickets today to win this Mater Prize Home lottery and surround yourself with everything you need to put your wellness first. Plus, for every ticket you purchase you’re helping support the wellbeing of others through the life-changing medical research and patient care at Mater.

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