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What Do Our Winners Choose

Holden V Ford Choice Balance

It’s the age-old Aussie debate— Ford vs. Holden. After more than 10 years of Mater Cars for Cancer lotteries, we decided to dig through the archives to see what our winners have chosen over the last decade. Guess who came out most popular…

Our records reflect the intense competition between Ford and Holden in Australia, showing an almost even split with 49% of past winners choosing a Ford/FPV prize and 51% of past winners choosing a Holden or HSV vehicle.

Do these results surprise anyone, or are they what you would have expected?

Regardless of the results, the fact that Mater have been able to run the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is a direct result of invaluable support from our loyal supporters.

Providing exceptional healthcare to thousands of patients each year requires a special type of team effort from all areas of the community, including Mater Cars for Cancer lottery supporters like you.

It is hard to put into words how much your support means to the thousands of families whose lives are affected by the health of their loved ones — they turn to Mater for lifesaving care, which is essentially linked to your support.

You can show your support by purchasing your tickets today. We cannot thank you enough.

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