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What does $99K of deluxe modifications look like?

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What does $99K of deluxe modifications look like? 

What does it take to tackle any path, anywhere, at anytime? The first thing you’ll need is an epic off-road rig—like the iconic 79 Series LandCruiser GXL. Next up, you’ll need a well-stocked kit of tricks to get you up, down, around, and through all elements and terrain, while keeping you comfortable and sustained on the road, of course. Thankfully, the epic mod list included in the Cars for Cancer lottery No. 112 prize has you covered for everything from the moment you leave home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the inclusions…

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TJM Venturer Bull Bar

If it’s rugged reliability and adventure you’re seeking, look no further than TJM. Bold, angular, and as functional as it is easy on the eye, the Venturer Bull Bar’s all-steel construction not only offers second to none high-impact protection, it also adds a whole heap of style and cred to your off-road setup. 

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Lightforce Spotlights

Turn night into day—and turn heads along the way—with these world-leading spotlights designed specifically for the Australian outback. Powerful, sleek, and guaranteed to get you safely there and back again, there’s no path too dark and mysterious to take on with these beams lighting the way!

Outback Armour front & rear shocks

Aussie designed for Aussie conditions, there’s no better suspension support for your vehicle performance or comfort than Outback Armour. Offering vastly superior handling through all conditions and terrain, Outback Armour shocks will also protect your rig from the rough and tumble of your pursuits, meaning you can adventure safely for many years to come! 

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Hardkorr 270 Degree Freestanding Awning

The Australian climate can be one of the harshest on the planet, with scorching sun and weather variability that can test even the most well-constructed of outback products. Step forward then Hardkorr with your top-of-the-line freestanding, lightweight awning that can withstand just about ANYTHING. It offers a wind rating of 30 knots without leg poles, which means whether you’re at the beach or in the bush, you’re covered. 

Dwiz Diff Gear Oil & Gaskets PLUS Housing Lc79 High Clear

Why upgrade your gaskets? It’s all about POWER! An upgraded gasket means an increased compression ratio which gives you a mega power output and that all-important GRUNT. A powerful vehicle is an unstoppable beast off-road, plus Dwiz diff housing is the strongest and most durable out there! 

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Bushman upright fridge

After a long day of bush bashing, you’ve certainly earned some refreshment, and the Bushman upright fridge is just the addition to keep you fed and watered on the road. Requiring a low power input and offering a deep, narrow design to allow for more stand-up bottle space, the 130L unit packs in height adjustable shelving and stainless steel rails to stop internal movement in transit. So your drinks will still be cold, upright, and unscathed on the other side—win!

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iKamper Skycamp tent 

When it’s time to call it a day, there’s no better place to rest your head than the iKamper Skycamp. With a hard shell design and room for up to 4 people, the spacious rooftop tent includes a plush and thick 9-zone king-size mattress and an insulated roof, so you’ll rest cool and comfy in all conditions. 

For all lottery No. 112 prize details including a full list of deluxe modifications, visit the Cars for Cancer lottery page. And don’t forget, every ticket purchased supports Mater patients when they need it most… so be sure to secure yours TODAY!

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