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What it’s Like to Join the Ford Family

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Winning the Shelby Super Snake Mustang

To celebrate the first Super Snake roaring to life five decades ago, Shelby has made something new. And with Mater’s car lottery, their innovative creation – the Shelby Super Snake Mustang – can be yours. But this main prize is more than just a car.

Become Part of the Ford Family

There’s a rich history and extended community behind the Ford Mustang. Yes, you can win a car with Mater, but the prize is also an invitation into a whole new world of motoring. You’ll be an exclusive member with this commemorative Mustang that’s only one of 500 built worldwide. That means there’s very minimum chance of parking next to the same car at the shops.

The Shelby Super Snake Mustang is inspired by the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. The first of its kind.

Host a 750 Horse Power Engine

Bring high-performance driving to everyday life. You’ll have the Super Snake engine charging your engine to slither through your streets in style. Whether you’re getting groceries or going out for dinner, you’ll be in control of a 559+kW (750HP) super car.

This package takes the new Super Snake’s power and performance into the stratosphere with mind-bending acceleration and spine-tingling performance!

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Support Cancer Research Breakthroughs

Chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but it can also kill healthy ones. This can lead to patients suffering from infections and experiencing long-term side-effects, because their immune system is suppressed from the aggressive treatment. But research led by Associate Professor Ingrid Winkler and her team at Mater Research have made a breakthrough.

They discovered how to ‘flick a biological switch’ that unleashes a person’s immune system, giving good cells extra protection against the potential harm from chemotherapy.

Associate Professor Winkler: “This has the potential to help cancer patients recover faster from their chemotherapy.”

After being diagnosed with breast cancer when she was just 32, mother-of-two Simone knows first-hand just how important this breakthrough is to those undergoing chemotherapy.

Simone: “Trying to get better was the hardest thing I’ve ever done; it was painful and it was emotionally draining.”

Your support of the Mater Cars for Cancer lottery is helping to make chemotherapy safer, with fewer side-effects. Purchase your tickets today.

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