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Why more people are choosing electric cars

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Our impact on the planet has become a hot topic around the world in recent years, and thanks to the growing awareness around how our lifestyles are harming the environment, many of us are making simple changes in our lives to minimise our eco footprint. Solar panels have become a home essential for saving money and the earth (our latest Mater Prize Home lottery No. 298 is fitted out with solar panels), recycling is a part of our everyday lives, organic produce is more readily available, and swapping to eco-friendly products wherever possible has become easier than ever. But there’s one area in our lives where many of us haven’t considered taking a more environmentally-friendly approach yet…our cars.

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Here’s why you should consider switching to an electric car, from the benefits for the earth and your health to how it can save you money.

Reduce your carbon footprint

We all know that petrol and diesel vehicles produce excessive exhaust emissions into the air, but as a necessary means to get us from A to B, it’s often been a trade off between ease of life vs the environment that we felt we had to make. Electric cars help solve this eco dilemma because they produce less harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. In fact, they create zero exhaust emissions.

Also, when powered by solar energy, aka one of the cleanest sources of energy, you are further helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And when the sun shines almost year-round on the Gold Coast, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this free renewable energy option?!

Tesla Charging Station

Save on fuel

The rate at which petrol and diesel prices increase on a weekly – sometimes daily – basis is scary. And nobody wants to drive around town searching for the best deal if they don’t have to. According to Ergon Energy, it costs around 40% less to charge an electric vehicle (EV) than it does to use petrol for a similar sized car driving the same distance. With a fully electric car and your own private charging station at home, you’ll never need to keep an eye on petrol station prices again.

To make money matters even lighter for you and your family, you can further lower the cost of charging your electric car at home if you have a solar PV system – which our Mater Prize Home is conveniently equipped with inside your private double garage. All you need to do is plug in your car overnight and you’ll always be charged and ready to go by the morning.

Heading away for the weekend? Tesla currently has over 30,000 Superchargers worldwide, with six new locations opening every week. Plus, public charging stations are starting to become more accessible nationwide.

Additionally, the running costs of an EV is about 70% cheaper per km when compared to a conventional vehicle, according to the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia.

Good to know: You can also save on your annual car registration when you make the switch to electric. The Queensland Government offers ongoing discounts on registration for electric vehicles.


Enjoy a better quality of life

Once you start your new waterfront life in our latest life-changing prize home, you’ll quickly become hooked on the outdoor lifestyle loved by all on the Gold Coast and will want to do your part to keep your new neighbourhood beautiful. By driving an electric car, you’re reducing air pollution, which in turn helps improve air quality and may reduce your risk of related health problems. Electric cars are also quieter, so you’ll be able to enjoy the sound of the ocean in the background as opposed to the vroom of a noisy car engine.

Don’t compromise on style

When it comes to switching to more eco-friendly options, there’s a perception that you need to compromise on style and performance. But that’s far from being true, especially when you’re driving a Tesla. If you like your wheels to come with all the bells and whistles, then the Tesla Model 3 delivers. The interior is spacious and luxurious, while the engine has been designed for high-performance driving. The built-in central 15-inch touchscreen allows you to access all driver controls and the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive instantly controls traction and torque, in all weather conditions. The all-glass roof that extends from front to back is a great bonus feature, especially when you live somewhere as picturesque as the Gold Coast.

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