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Win and Go Anywhere, Anytime With a Customised LandCruiser GR Sport

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Toyota’s venerable LandCruiser has just entered a new generation; big news in off-roading circles, and the most off-road of the 300-series is the GR Sport. Mater Cars for Cancer has one of these supremely capable 4WDs up for grabs and best of all, they’ve chucked in $20,000 worth of modifications and upgrades to make it even better. 

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The reviews are in, and the consensus is that there’s not much wrong with the 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport. For starters, it’s chocked full of luxury appointments to ensure your journey is comfortable, whether it’s around the block or around the nation. Retailing near $130k (plus on-road costs), it sits high up in the LandCruiser’s model range, with only the Sahara ZX landing above it. Both are new tiers introduced with the 300-series, and obviously not all are created equal; that’s the point of having different specs, after all.

Toyota LandCruiser GR Sport

But winning a LandCruiser GR Sport doesn’t mean you’ve won the second-best model in the 300-series range. The GR Sport is specifically designed to be the most capable off-roading machine money can buy and includes a few extra tricky bits not available on any other 300-series in the range.

Of course, you get the stuff you expect on a $130k automobile such as an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto-compatible nine-speaker infotainment system, 12.3in central touchscreen, wireless phone charging, heated and air-conditioned leather seats, and a centre console with inbuilt cooling to keep the bevvies chilled. There’s no doubt that long-haul travel is a pleasure behind the wheel of the LandCruiser GR Sport and your chance to experience that pleasure comes with buying a ticket. 

With the new 300-series GR Sport, it’s not what comes in the car that sets it apart, rather what comes under it. Front and rear differential lockers for a start, activated from a button in the dash means you’re in serious off-road mode at the flick of a switch. No other LandCruiser comes with this feature as standard.

Of equal importance when you’re getting into the seriously rough stuff is Toyota’s new e-KDSS system, which disconnects and reconnects the vehicle’s sway bars according to real-time driving conditions. Sway bars are essential in keeping a vehicle refined on the tarmac, but limit crucial axle articulation when off-road. Aftermarket systems are available, but the LandCruiser GR Sport is one of only a few to be factory-fitted, and the only one I’m aware of that works in real time. Speaking of time, Lottery 110 closes on 13 May, but the last few draws have sold out well before the closing date, so click to secure your spot before time runs out. 

Is the LandCruiser GR Sport the ultimate off-roader? Almost, but there are a couple of areas to gripe about. Thankfully, Mater Cars for Cancer checked into this before committing, and is including $20,000 worth of accessories and upgrades to both address these and make this cool machine even cooler. 

LandCruiser Suspension

Ground clearance is a bit low and that’s understandable, with Toyota aware that some owners are unlikely to hit a dirt car park let alone a Fraser Island sand dune. Mater Cars for Cancer have solved this by giving the LandCruiser GR Sport a full suspension upgrade with two-inch lift. This modification increases approach, departure, and ramp-over angles, and reduces your chances of getting stuck. 

The standard-fit tyres have also come under some scrutiny, so the giveaway 300-series will have a set of matte black KMC Dirty Harry 18in alloy wheels shod in Toyo Open Country R/T next-generation hybrid ‘rugged terrain’ tyres. A heavy-duty, off-road tyre that can withstand a beating yet still display decent manners on the sealed stuff.

The balance of the $20k adds cool factor, so naturally, window tint is a must. Mater Cars for Cancer have also specified a slick, chrome-delete pack to enhance the retro-cool TOYOTA grille of the GR Sport.

Engine wise, the 300-series packs a punch, with the 227kw, 3.3 litre, twin-turbo V6 already eclipsing the previous gen’s V8 for power, torque, and fuel economy. The prize car includes a custom exhaust to allow the V6 to breathe even better, releasing a few more kilowatts along the way.

LandCruiser and Patriot Camper

Grabbing a ticket in lottery 110 today will ensure you’re in the draw to win this customised 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport. The lucky winner will also land a Patriot X3 off-road camper and a pair of Moustache XRoad e-bikes, so you can get anywhere this LandCruiser can’t. Add a $30,743 worth of cashable gold bullion and you’ve got a prize cache worth an even $300k on paper, but the experiences you’d have in it would be priceless. 

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