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Win a Fully Loaded and Customised 79-Series LandCruiser

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The Draw One prize in Mater Cars for Cancer’s lottery No. 104 is a 79-series LandCruiser GXL fitted with a Patriot Camper’s canopy. A favourite of mine sites and tradies alike, this rough-and-tumble, no-holds-barred off-road machine is set up for neither, because prizes should be fun.

79 series Toyota LandCruiser

Change is inevitable, but some things are just created ‘right’ from the outset. Like the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Or Midnight Oil. Sure, there have been some additions and improvements along the way, but as yet, nobody has suggested they be taken apart and substituted with something newer and theoretically better.

So too, the LandCruiser 70 is of that ilk. First released in 1984, it has been steadily refined and upgraded, but never outright replaced. Some of the changes applied to the venerable LC70 have ensured it remains in compliance with various Australian Design Rules and one of the latest could have seen Toyota finally retire the old beast.

LandCruiser interior

It’s telling that ADR85—which sets a new minimum standard for side impact crash protection—has been the death knell for supercars such as Nissan’s mighty GTR and the Audi R8. It seems 400,000 Australian sales over the last 38 years speaks volumes, with the 2022 LC70 earning a 5-star NCAP safety rating, 1984-era doors and all.

It’s a tough-as-nails rig for hard work and even harder play, and Mater Cars for Cancer is giving you the chance to win one; specifically, a 79-series GXL, which gives you a handy double-cab, cab-chassis configuration, powerful 4.5 litre turbo diesel V8 and flexible manual transmission. But that’s not all, because this LandCruiser is set up for play thanks to a myriad of add-ons and custom appointments. To get behind the wheel of this unique machine, grab a ticket today.

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The PCOR ¾ Canopy is a complete canopy solution for touring vehicles and is fully integrated with the 79-series. This means an electronics system that’s fully down with any off-the-grid adventure you can conjure, thanks to a 1500-watt inverter, 150 amp-hour battery controlled by a REDARC battery management system, a couple of USB and 12-volt ports.

79 series LandCruiser

When you’re away from the hustle and bustle, you can retire to the Darche Hardshell Rooftop Tent, cool the bevvies in the portable fridge and keep the whole lot safe simply by hitting the LC70’s central locking. Love camping but hate stacking it in the dark? The Canopy’s external lighting is there to help prevent those dopey falls, and an automated LED lighting will illuminate the situation inside the canopy when you once again open the fully sealed, gas-assisted doors.

It’s no secret that Toyota and Patriot Camper both make a tough product, but do they make a tough statement? Fortunately, Mater Cars for Cancer has that sorted, with a fully customised, vinyl wrap to give the LandCruiser 70 a look as crisp as the mountain air you’ll be camping in. Big fat BF Goodrich tyres sit on a set of wide five-spoke alloys; actually, not just a set, but a full six, with two spares affixed to the Canopy.

79 series LandCruiser

The prize 79-series has also copped a suspension upgrade with track correction, including a pair of robust, black wheel arch extensions for the front. A Torqit exhaust helps the big diesel V8 breathe when you open it up, while the Safari Snorkel allows it to breathe if you find yourself in deep…water.

Flinders Ranges

You could be discovering the magic of the Simpson Desert, uncovering the mysteries of the Pilbara or exploring the deepest reaches of the Flinders Ranges in this amazing package, but to do that for very little, you’ll need to be in it to win it.

This rig is worth $191,119, including a $3000 BCF voucher for those sundries you’ll need to customise your camping experience. The price of a ticket is just $30.00; the same RRP as a CD, if you remember those. Yet those few dollars could make all the difference to your life if you win it, and either way, will help Mater forward the great work they do in the realms of both cancer research and cancer respite. We all hope cancer goes away in our lifetime, but while we’re here, the off-roading experience of a lifetime is yours for the winning.

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