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Win a Landcruiser Sahara ZX and Lotus Caravan!


Mater Cars for Cancer offer you the chance ‘win it, drive it, live it’ when you enter lottery No. 116. The prize is a LandCruiser Sahara ZX, Lotus Caravans OG22D and $77,587 in cashable gold bullion. The bullion is the key, because if you ‘won it’, you could not only ‘drive it’, but with that gold, you could take some time to ‘live it’, too.

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The 15th of May 2024 likely marks a major turning point in the life of one Mater Cars for Cancer lottery ticket holder. This is the date their ticket in lottery No. 116 will be randomly selected, and in due course, they will be informed that they’ve won the means to go almost anywhere in Australia, have somewhere to stay almost anywhere in Australia, and the option of dropping a few responsibilities so they can actually do it. It could be you.

Of course, the lucky prize-winner would have bought their ticket before the lottery sold out, or before the cut-off date of 13 May should it not. And if their stars should align and a couple of days later they are informed of their good fortune, they will bask long in the thrill of having won something big, good and proper. We’ve all won a meat tray or a hamper, or in my case, a $5.00 Space Lego set, and although that was only because my colouring in was extra good, it’s always a thrill to win something; anything regardless of value. But to win a $380,000 LandCruiser/Lotus Caravan/gold bullion bundle… I truly couldn’t imagine the endorphins. 

With Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 116, it’s more than just winning something cool. Instead, you win something that’s useful and if Toyota’s reputation for reliability is anything to go by, will remain so into the distant future. A practical toy that can handle the daily duties, but also haul your caravan over hill and dale so you can explore all the nooks and crannies this land has to offer. I love Space Lego, but this beats Lego, (yellow claw) hands down.

Land Cruiser Sahara ZX

The LandCruiser has been the ultimate rig for caravanning nomads—grey or otherwise—for decades now. The latest LandCruiser Sahara ZX builds on that rep with much development handled right here in Australia. I think I’ve said it before; it’s not built in Australia, but it’s built FOR Australia, and with a land as beautiful as it is occasionally dangerous, that is comforting to know. It’s that assurance that you can poke its big bluff nose wherever you want and the latest 3.3L twin turbo diesel V6 LandCruiser should get you there and get you back. When travelling the outback, a plan is crucial, but before you start planning, make sure you’ve got a ticket.

Lotus Off Grid Caravan

The Lotus Caravan Off Grid OG22D caravan that comes as part of the prize is a decent bit of kit; so decent, that we’ll leave that for the next entry. For today, I want to focus on the LandCruiser, but also an important aspect of the prize I often glean over, the cashable gold bullion, in this case totalling $77,587. 

This is a reasonable chunk of change in anyone’s language, and for me, and maybe you, what it’s saying is ‘this is your chance’. Securing a prize like the LandCruiser Sahara ZX and the Lotus Caravan is all well and good, but unless you’ve got the means to use it, it will either gather dust, or be sold to help fulfil someone else's dreams.

Australia is too big to check out in a two-week annual leave period, and I reckon a bank balance bolster of nearly $80k should buy most people six months out of the rat race; probably more. A good way to work it out, is to win it first, then work it out later. Here is the key:

Sahara ZX and Caravan

If I had the chance to go away for six months, I reckon I’d start with a ‘theme’. Yeah, that’s right; a ‘theme holiday’, not a ‘dream holiday’. I previously touched on planning a full tour of Australia’s car museums or taking in a lap of Tas without repeating too much tarmac, so what’s next?

I’ve mentioned our wide, brown land before, multiple times, it’s likely. So just how wide is it? And how, er, tall? And that, my friends, is my personal tour planned out. Sure, it might need finessing, but I feel that’s more Future Dave’s problem.

In thinking this up, I Googled for a list of mainland Australia’s northern-, southern-, eastern- and western-most locations and blow me down, a lovely family have already done it and written a great blog out the experience. Good; just makes me want to do it more. Where did I put that lucky ticket? 

Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 116 is chocked full of great equipment as always, and with that big serving of cashable gold bullion, it’s also chocked full of opportunity. If you’re in it, and you ‘win it’, then ‘drive it’ and send us a happy snap from the Steep Point, Cape Byron, Wilsons Promontory and the top of Cape York, just so I know you ‘lived it’. 

Tickets are selling fast, and you’ve got to be in it to ‘win it, ‘drive it’, ‘live it’.

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