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Win it – Drive it – Live (in) it! with a Lotus Off Grid Caravan!


Lottery No. 116 from Mater Cars for Cancer embraces a philosophy of ‘win it, drive it, live it’. Entering puts you in the running to win a Lotus Caravan Off Grid OG22, a 22-foot off-road, off-grid luxury home away from home worth $148,961; a place to truly ‘live it’ when you’re on the road.  

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LandCruiser Sahara ZX

When I previously wrote about lottery No. 116, I interpreted the ‘win it, drive it, live it’ philosophy by breaking it down. The first two; ‘win it’ and ‘drive it’ were pretty self-explanatory, respectively evidenced by first winning the lottery, therefore being able to drive the brand-new Toyota LandCruiser Sahara ZX which is also part of the prize package. 

I don’t often focus on the cashable gold bullion that is almost always a part of a Mater Cars for Cancer prize package but lottery No. 116 includes a full $77,587 of the shiny stuff. I had a think about ‘live it’ and suggested the cashable gold bullion could give you a few months off to really enjoy the prize package and get more than two weeks’ distance away from home. Australia is big, and you can’t see it all in the amount of yearly annual leave one is usually granted. Cool. So, ‘win it’ means ‘win the prize’, ‘drive it’ involves the LandCruiser, and ‘live it’ thanks to the gold. Sound good? You can get a ticket here:

Lotus Caravan

So where does that leave the brand-new Off Grid caravan from Lotus Caravans? Well, call it ’artists interpretation’, ‘poetic licence’ or ‘a woman’s prerogative’, but ‘live it’ can mean two things. First is taking time for yourself—the cashable gold bullion perhaps buying you some time away, and second is to live the holiday life with gusto; just really ‘live it’. 

Lotus Caravans have been building quality recreational rolling stock for 20 years now, but thanks to the founder, George Josevski, and his old man before him, their expertise stretches back decades. Through innovation and collaboration, Lotus Caravans have redefined the off-road caravan, bringing the build quality and materials into the 21st century and off the beaten track.

The Lotus Caravans Off Grid series is their most popular amongst adventure-seeking Australians, giving owners a luxury experience that is also tough-as-nails. The 22-foot OG22 is the prize van for lottery No. 116, and it will not disappoint the winning ticket holder. One thing that winning ticket holder did was buy a ticket, so start the ball rolling now.

Lotus Features

Lotus Caravans builds their OG22 with a hybrid frame, using aluminium for areas requiring major strength, such as the front, back and roof, and combine this with the industry’s thickest timber wall and marine grade composite construction. Inside, it’s fitted out with Italian leather lounge seating, contemporary matte black sinks, taps and hardware, full bathroom facilities, a washing machine, a microwave; the list goes on; all the liveability you need to, well, ‘live it’.

The Lotus Caravans Off Grid OG22 sleeps four, with a queen and two bunks, external entertainment pack to bring those Spotify concerts to the great outdoors, and a triple lock door with security mesh so nothing goes missing.

Towability is great too, on or off the road. The Lotus Caravans Off Grid OG22 rolls on a set of 17” Lotus Caravans custom wheels with Cooper all terrain tyres, and rides on G&S Control Rider Twin Shock suspension system. Huge, 12” off-road brakes will help the LandCruiser ease it up when it’s time to stop ‘driving it’ and start ‘living (in) it’. Off Grid by name, off grid by nature, the OG22 has an 800w solar system on the roof powering a 200Ah Enerdrive B-Tech Lithium battery managed by a REDARC system. 

LandCruiser Sahara ZX towing Lotus Caravan

I could share more, but let’s face it, I don’t have to sell it to you; one look at the pics and about three seconds of daydreaming will do that for me. To ‘win it, drive it, live it’, you will first need to win it, and someone will; they’ll get the call that the Lotus Caravans Off Grid OG22, the big 300-series LandCruiser Sahara ZX and the large stash of cashable gold bullion are theirs.

By buying a ticket in lottery No. 116, you’re supporting projects dedicated to finding a cure, you’re helping people along their cancer journey, and, best of all, giving yourself a chance to ‘win it, drive it, live it’. 

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