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Win and Go Beyond with a Toyota Prado Kakadu and Coromal Thrill Seeker Caravan

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The Draw One prize in Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 105 is at home at the supermarket and the Kimberley alike; a Toyota Prado Kakadu, although for the latter, better hook up the Coromal Thrill Seeker caravan that comes with it.

Toyota know how to screw together a tough fourby. It doesn’t matter what badge it wears; LandCruiser, Hilux, Fortuner, Kluger or RAV4, they’re built to haul kids, haul stuff, and haul off road. OK, so maybe don’t throw the RAV at Kakadu National Park, but if you win Draw One of the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery, that won’t be a concern.

Nope, instead you’ll win the aptly named Prado Kakadu, $94,387 worth of dirt-loving, gravel-crunching, four-wheel-drive SUV. The Prado is one of the world’s premier off-road tourers straight out of the box, with a powerful 2.8 litre, 150kw turbo diesel for when the mountains are high, and Toyota’s Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select system for coming back down the other side.

Toyota Prado Kakadu

The latter two features make steep descents and tricky tracks a doddle, with Crawl Control a true set-and-forget system. Dial up a pre-selected speed and the Prado automatically controls the accelerator and brake, meaning all you need to do is point the beast in the right direction. Multi-Terrain Select similarly regulates the stability control and traction control systems, allowing slippage or restraint depending on what you throw at it. Or under it, for that matter. You can find out what all the fuss is about by being the lucky ticket holder of Draw One.

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Toyota Prado Kakadu

The Prado Kakadu can certainly handle itself off road, but it’s no mining service truck; the Prado is a pleasant drive on the bitumen and like a luxury liner inside. Toyota describe the Kakadu-spec Prado as ‘Rugged Elegance’ and it’s certainly fitting, with a full leather interior, premium smartphone connectivity and three-zone climate control.

On the road, the Prado Kakadu has cutting edge safety equipment, including Toyota’s Pre-Collision Safety system, which can detect and mitigate an imminent crash, whether that be with a pedestrian, cyclist, or another vehicle. You won’t be speeding either, thanks to Active Cruise Control and Road Sign Assist, which actually reads roadside signage and alerts you if you’ve missed it. Finally, the Prado Kakadu can pull a full 3,000kgs behind it, with an effortless 500Nm of torque. That’s handy, because if you win this, you’ll also win a Coromal Thrill Seeker caravan. But in all cases, you need to be in it to win it.

Coromal Caravan

Coromal’s vans have been filling our holiday parks for over 40 years, but unlike some of its contemporaries, it is not a bygone brand. Instead, Coromal’s 2018 purchase by Queensland’s Apollo RV Sales has reinvigorated the company, so much so that the construction of the Thrill Seeker is now handled by Majestic Caravans of Geelong.

Majestic’s expertise in traditional, meranti wood caravan construction comes as a boon for Coromal’s Thrill Seeker semi off-road caravan series. Meranti is a flexible hardwood, saving weight and giving the Thrill Seeker’s body extra give to help prevent stress fractures when the roads get gnarly.

The Meranti frame is fully sealed from moisture and the elements, and clad in a modern, 3mm Dibond aluminium composite, with chequer plate lower body protection. All this rides on a 100mm Supergal galvanised chassis with Enduro coil trailing arm independent suspension.

Yep, Coromals have come a long way since 1977. Cancer research has also come a long way in that time, yet it’s still with us. Mater Cars for Cancer Lotteries put you in the driver’s seat, helping you steer the charge towards a cure and assisting those everyday people living with it. A $30 ticket could win it, but it will help either way.

Coromal Caravan

The Coromal Thrill Seeker 18-footer caravan isn’t all just chassis and frames; inside it’s a home-away-from-home, with a full-sized queen bed featuring full access on both sides. The usual equipment items such as a lounge, table, kitchen and fridge are complemented by a shower, toilet, bathroom facilities and washing machine, something your nanna’s caravan was unlikely to run back in the day.

The Toyota Prado Kakadu and Coromal Thrill Seeker 18-foot caravan, valued at a combined $168,377, are an incredible duo, ready for you to go beyond. Grab yourself a ticket today for the chance to win Draw One of Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 105.

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