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Win a Trifecta of Toys

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You could win a Customised Mustang GT, Two Yamaha Waverunners and a Ford Ranger Wildtrak Tow Rig.

Mater Cars for Cancer prides itself on delivering stack after stack of insanely good prizes. Over the years, fast sixes, V8s, and spooly-boi line the gallery of finer things you’ve had the chance to win in the name of research. Yet they’ve outdone themselves in their latest lottery with a customised Mustang GT, two Yamaha Waverunners and a Ranger tow car on offer. Outdone is an understatement.

The year 2020 has chucked out some curveballs. A worldwide pandemic, border restrictions, the Melbourne lockdown, colourful politics at home and abroad; it’s had it all and then some. So, what better way to haul into 2021 than behind the wheel of a customised Ford Mustang GT? One ticket equals one chance to ride into next year in menacing style.

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A thumping 331kW 5.0 litre V8 powers the black beast, backed by a 10-speed auto to keep fuel economy to a sensible level. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Then there are the modifications.


The wizards at Mustang Motorsport have waved their wand over this GT, making it look and ride like no other Mustang around. Nevada’s Drake Automotive supplied various body kit appointments, while the rear tailgate spoiler is from Shelby American, as are the 20-inch CS-56 2.0 alloy wheels.

Finished in Shadow Black with ghosted, matte black stripes, this Mustang GT slinks in the darkness, waiting for provocation on a lonely road. Of course, you’ll have to buy a ticket or three for the chance to wake the beast. Oh, and ensure you comply with your local road rules, should it become yours. Buying a few tickets won’t just put you into the draw to win this beast; it will also make a difference to those for whom cancer is an everyday crisis, not just part of 2020’s rich pageant of problems.

For some, nothing beats a drive on a winding, country road. For others, that country road better lead to an ocean, lake or river, because water is their thing. If that’s you, then fear not; your purchases will not only help the cause against cancer, but also turn into a pair of Yamaha EX Waverunner jet skis if your number comes up.

Jet Ski

Fitted with powerful, 1049cc four-stroke triples, the Waverunners feature seating for three, allowing even the most prolific breeders to take the whole family for a splash. They come with life jackets, relevant accessories, a licensing course and a BCF voucher to the tune of $6000 for almost any peripheries you can think of. Naturally, a trailer is included, although you’ll look kind of weird towing the whole lot to the river behind an evil black Mustang, which is why Mater Cars for Cancer have thrown in a tow rig.

Ford Wildtrak

The Ford Ranger Wildtrak is currently the king of the Aussie sales charts. The powerful, 3.2 litre, five-cylinder generates 147kw and a whopping 470Nm of torque; that’s more than enough to tow a couple of jet skis, especially given the Wildtrak has a 3.5 tonne towing capacity. On the road, the Wildtrak detects smartphone-addled pedestrians, recognises road signs and lane markings, and can park itself like a boss.

The only way you’re going to get into all this muscle, water sports and high technology ‘utery’ without spending $226k is to grab a few tickets. You’ll have the chance to win and you’ll also be supporting those who suffer from cancer, your help is imperative.

You can’t help be excited for this prize pool; it’s valued at a whopping $226,057, which includes the modified Mustang GT, Waverunners, a trailer and accessories, BCF voucher, the Wildtrak and $6,500 worth of cashable gold bullion.  Buy your tickets today for your chance to win this incredible prize.

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