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Win an Iconic Explorer

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There are few explorers more iconic than Toyota’s 70-series, a mainstay of mine sites and mud tracks for nearly 40 years. Give yourself the chance to win this legend for the price of a lottery ticket.

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Just because this machine has been in production since the 1980s doesn’t mean it’s mired in the clear and clarion sounds of U2 and Ultravox. Instead, Toyota’s tech boffins likely have another 80’s banger rotating on the hi-fi. It’s pretty difficult to repeat here, but picture Harrison Ford in a high-crowned fedora and sing:


That’s right, because being as beige as an archaeologist’s shirt is just off-roading code for ‘built for adventure’. We’ve seen that beige on LandCruisers, Pajeros and Land Rovers of yore, and it’s on the 79-series that Mater Cars for Cancer is giving away. 

Modified LandCruiser

Just because the ‘Cruiser, which is worth $87,774 in the rudey nudey, is one of the best off-roaders money can buy doesn’t mean it’s immune to some upgrades and customisation. Despite it rugged retro looks, it doesn’t need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the future, either; it’s just that no matter how good something is, it can always be made better. 

Mater Cars for Cancer have stacked that beige beast up with $99,799 worth of upgrades and modifications, which means Lottery 112 gives you the chance to climb into the pinnacle of LandCruiser 70s, a fully loaded 79-series dual cab, for just $30 a ticket.

For those lamenting in the loss of the Diesel V8 in the 200-series ‘Cruiser, fear not, because the bent eight lives on under the bonnet of the 79-series. Backed by an unburstable five speed manual, 16in alloy wheels, ABS, and vehicle stability control, it’s a fair cry from it’s 80s brethren despite the 1984 doors.

Those doors now contain serious anti-intrusion hardware, while up front there’s pre-collision tech with pedestrian and daylight cyclist detection. This makes the LandCruiser 70 a perfectly modern retro rig without being a caricature of itself. 

Modified LandCruiser

The 79-series can seat five people on the TRD-spec upgrade leather pews and will carry whatever you care to chuck in the back, but maybe you’re asking, “Hey Mater, where is the caravan this time?” No need people, as the LandCruiser 70 on offer has an iKamper Skycamp on-roof tent system that sleeps four people safe up high from the bugs and bulldust. The camper is a big one, affixed to the top of an aluminium canopy.

Winch, rock sliders, suspension upgrades, alloy wheels; there’s too much to list here. It’s a travesty that archaeology professors didn’t have access to this level of tough, cool technology in the 1940s; one can only imagine how much harder they could have, uh, archaeologied. It’s just what the doctor ordered…Doctor Henry Jones Jr, that is. For the chance to unleash your inner Indiana, grab a ticket today.

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