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Win and Get Out There with a Brand New Landcruiser 300 Series + van or boat

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Mater Cars for Cancer draw 102 is live, and as always, the legendary lottery is putting out a legendary car. The Landcruiser 300 is brand-new to our shores. Behind it, you’ll tow a Zone Base caravan or a Sea Ray recreational boat. Either way, it’s a win, but only if you’re in it, of course.

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The Landcruiser is a legend; there’s no doubting that. And while we’ve had to say farewell to the old model, the 300-series has been waiting in the wings packing more tech, more safety, more efficiency and well, more of everything, really. Actually, that’s not true; gone is the venerable and versatile 4.5 litre diesel V8, but all is not lost, because sometimes less is actually more.

Despite the smaller capacity of the all-new 3.3 litre twin turbo V6, the 300 generates 27kw more power than the old 200-series V8, putting out a healthy 227kw. As for the all-important torque readout, 650 vs 700Nm means the new 3.3 has more there too. And why is this important? Because winning the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery means you’ll receive this mighty new steed and depending on how you want to get out there, you’ll be towing a caravan or boat behind you.

Unlike the LandCruiser, which has been around forever in many forms, Zone RV have not. But despite the company only hitting the RV market in 2014, they wasted no time taking out a category win in Caravan World’s 2015 Best Aussie Vans awards. Ironic that they made such a splash, given the history of the two founders is in racing yachts and catamarans.

Constructed with lightweight composite materials taken from the yacht racing industry, the Zone RV ZB 20.6 Base series represents a new dimension in caravanning. One where strength does not necessarily equal weight. And one where amenities and practicality are king.

Or queen, as the case may be, as the Zone RV Base includes a queen-sized bed and internal bathroom facilities. A pull-out awning brings extra space to the living area, while full a kitchen with a three-burner cooktop, microwave, and fridge/freezer brings all the comforts of home to wherever you choose to stop.

For some, adventure lies not upon the land, but in the sea and for that, Mater Cars for Cancer returns to the briny deep for draw 102. The Sea Ray SPX 190 recreation boat runs a MerCruiser outboard: perfect for skiing, towing the kids around on an inflatable, or simply slicing through the waves on an awesome summer’s day.

Given our holidaying habits have been refocussed towards the wonders of our own, wide, and amazing land, the Sea Ray SPX 190 is exactly what you’ll need to check out the waterways. The vessel seats 10, runs a wide transom and a fold-down ladder for when you’ve lost the kids (or the adults) off the back in a flurry of waterborne fun.

The compact Sea Ray SPX 190 is the ideal family boat and perhaps a pretty good jack-of-all trades when it comes to getting out, taking a few mates and making the most of your holidays. Mater Cars for Cancer is proud to be partnering with Sea Ray on this one; like the LandCruiser, there’s a lot of history between those chines, with the company being founded in 1959.

Mater Cars for Cancer has been helping people living with cancer and you can also help those people, just by buying a ticket. The winner will be treated to a variety of vouchers depending on the prize taken, plus the ‘Cruiser and $35,000 worth of cashable gold bullion either way. So go ahead and buy a ticket; with any luck, you’ll take the ride. Land or sea, how you get out there will be up to you.

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