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Win and Get Out There with a Zone Base Caravan or Sea Ray Rec Boat

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Mater Cars for Cancer love giving you great options to choose from. It’s part of the fun, whether you’re dreaming of winning, or whether you’ve actually won. But for draw 102, ‘motorvation’ comes courtesy of only one option; the freshly minted 300-series Landcruiser GR Sport. It’s what you put behind it that will get you dreaming. Land or sea? Tranquillity or escapades? Zone RV Base 20.6 caravan or Sea Ray recreational power boat? Decisions, decisions, but only if you’ve got a ticket.

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The guys at Zone RV haven’t been in the caravan business for long, but they’re highly skilled and certainly know their way around a racing yacht. Ironic that they’re not providing anything seafaring for Mater’s Cars for Cancer draw 102; best leave that to Sea Ray. Instead, Zone RV have been applying their knowledge of lightweight, fully bonded composite materials to bring us a new dimension in caravanning.

The Zone RV Base series rides on Cruisemaster XT-coil springs and is built upon a robust, off-road vanning chassis that is both strong and lightweight. Furthermore, the chassis is not a support for timber flooring or aluminium frames. Instead, a fibreglass floor panel is bonded directly onto the chassis, creating a ‘monocoque’ as seen in motor vehicle design, adding strength without the weight penalty.

Zone RV’s innovative timberless cabinetry is formed with strong aluminium frames onto which lightweight composite panels are bonded. The cabinets themselves are then bonded to the floor, adding to the van’s exceptional stiffness. Bringing cutting-edge technology to the kitchen area of a caravan might sound like overkill, but there’s a reason Zone RV is an award-winning manufacturer.

You could put yourself in one of these coveted caravans, along with a spankers-new 300-series Landcruiser, all for the price of a ticket. Along the way, you’re helping those living with cancer, their friends and family, along with those working to cure it.

But what if your desires are less sedate than parking a van for a few days and taking in the scenery? What if you want to dive head-first into said scenery instead? Well, if boating is your thing, then it won’t matter how many awards Zone RV have for their caravans, because if you win, you’ll be choosing the SPX 190 recreational watercraft.

Built by Sea Ray of Knoxville, Tennessee, the SPX 190 is the latest in a long line of power boats produced since the company’s founding in 1959. Famed with introducing fibreglass to the pleasure boating industry, Sea Ray have been going strong now for over 60 years.

Their SPX 190 is a sporty and compact vessel perfect for when your only responsibility is fun. Although it measures just under six metres in length, the bow seating in the SPX 190 allows for up to 10 people and the stern includes a swim platform for those quieter arvos on the water, accessible by a portside walk-through in the transom.

It will cut through any unrequired serenity thanks to the 4.5 litre Mercury Marine MerCruiser V6 inboard motor and while it’s in action, the technical stuff is relayed to the pilot via VesselView, a full boat and engine performance data system that replaces traditional gauges. Sound unnecessary? It expands to include VesselView Mobile, ensuring important data analytics aren’t missed just because you’re not with the boat. What if you lend it to a mate and he doesn’t top the 114 litre tank back up before returning it? With VesselView Mobile, you’ll know and will be able to greet him with your beer-based compensation plan already detailed. That being said, to be in such a position, you’ll need to win the boat, and to win it, you need to be in it (the lottery, I mean. Not the boat).

If you’re the lucky winner and choose the SPX 190, you’ll also receive a trailer for hauling, the 300-series LandCruiser GR Sport for towing, $35,000 cashable gold bullion for a rainy day, an $8000 BCF voucher for gear and a $1185 Coles/Myer voucher for snacks. Not everybody gets a holiday these days and its even harder when you or your close ones are living with cancer, believe me. But when your priority is to survive long enough for a cure, holidays aren’t that important; the cure is. If you buy a ticket, you might win the boat and get out there, but even if you don’t, you’ve helped someone out. And that’s still a win.

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