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It’s the end of an era! Toyota are discontinuing the legendary 200-series LandCruiser and stocks are running out. Mater Cars for Cancer is your saviour though, with their latest prize pool offering you the chance to win one of the last off the production line, whatever option you choose.

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There’s something special about Toyota’s LandCruiser. Every model is regarded as a classic; rugged and unyielding, with options to suit every taste, budget and application. But legendary status is achieved, not bestowed and only time will tell if its replacement is as well regarded. Because of this, Mater Cars for Cancer is securing an extremely late-build 200-series LandCruiser for you to win, but you’ve got to have a ticket to win it.

With the last few Mater Lotteries offering you an either/or arrangement, it’s awesome to know that this time around, the winner will put a 200-series LandCruiser in their driveway regardless of the prize they choose. If you scoop the prize and you’re thinking a seven-seat ‘Cruiser will be handy for the school run, then add a Mustang for the weekends and a Harley for when you want to go at it alone. If you’re thinking a seven-seat ‘Cruiser will be handy for a holiday, then choose the Zone caravan, load it up and get off-grid.

The 200-series LandCruiser came out back in 2007 and the 2021 iteration represents the ultimate of its generation. The LandCruiser VX swallows seven bodies for the trip to school or sports, with safety equipment such as Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert to protect what’s important. For keeping those important things comfortable and quiet, there’s leather accented seats and a nine-speaker, Electro Multi-Vision audio system with a nine-inch display, AUX input, DAB and Bluetooth.

And for when it’s time to drop the kids at the in-laws and take off with your better half, you can leave the weekday rig behind and dial up the muscle in a 5.0 litre V8 Mustang GT. Ford’s famous fastback really needs no introduction, with the Mater Cars for Cancer prize car featuring 339kw of grunt from the Coyote V8 engine, a 10-speed auto and a 0-100km/h sprint time of under five seconds.

But if it’s solo you wish to be, then leave the LandCruiser and Mustang in the garage and wheel out in a 2021 Harley Davidson Fatboy. It’s got six less cylinders than either the ‘Cruiser or the ‘Stang, but it increases the attitude factor 10-fold.

The throbbing Milwaukee-Eight 114ci V-twin now runs four-valves per cylinder and EFI for greater efficiency without losing that trademark noise. Plus, Mater Cars for Cancer will make sure you’re decked out in the appropriate gear to suit so you’re not left with a big bill for clobber if you’re holding the winning ticket. But to hold the winning ticket, first you must buy the winning ticket. Your chance is here.

Granted, it’s possible this muscle-bound pony car and thumbing V-twin action is leaving you cold. Maybe you don’t crave the solitude of the open road with an American legend under your tuchus. And that’s no crime; if everyone craved Mustangs and Harleys, what a boring life we’d lead. What IS a crime is if the LandCruiser’s 4.5 litre, 200kw turbo-diesel V8 doesn’t get a flex from time to time.

With that notion in mind, your winning ticket would best be used to select the off-road capable, free-camp ready Zone RV caravan. The team at Zone RV have over 25 year’s combined experience in composites manufacturing across marine, aeronautical and civil construction industries to bring you a caravan that’s innovative and ready for adventure. With dual axles, coils springs, solar power and a toilet, caravans sure have come a long way since your grandfather’s Propert!

To get on board with the latest Mater Cars for Cancer lottery,  to help those fighting cancer and best of all, put yourself in the running to win a Toyota LandCruiser VX, win a Ford Mustang, win a Harley Davidson and or win a Zone RV ZB 20.6 Base-series caravan. It’s almost win-win.

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