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Win and Live The High Life

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Mater Cars for Cancer has not only shifted gears with lottery No. 111, it’s gone dual-range, offering the lucky prize winner the choice of a 300-series LandCruiser and Coromal caravan, or a once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday experience. Take the holiday and you still get a car; it’s in their name, after all. Grab a ticket today to be in the draw to win and choose the wild life off-road package or the high life in a round Australia trip, a BMW iX xDrive40 EV and over $150k of gold bullion. 

They say experiences are more readily cherished than possessions. Philosophy students agree and scientists can even back it up with data. If you’re keen to spend that rainy day money, you’re likely to learn, grow, enjoy, create memories, and have a few anecdotes to share if you invest in an experience. 

On the contrary, I’ve always seen possessions as better value for money, because if chosen carefully, they can outlast our memories and, more importantly, be the vessel with which to create more experiences. This is because the experts didn’t specify what possessions we’re accumulating here. I’ve got a dozen cars; they don’t all work, but when they do, I have great experiences in them; meeting people, absorbing the countryside, putting a smile on my dial.

So, as a car enthusiast, I think I’ve hacked that particular paradigm; myth busted, as they say. But if you’re not a car person, I can’t guarantee you’ll be more fulfilled by a Noritake dinner set than a weekend trip to the snow. Swap the crockery for a car, and it’ll be a possession that will do the experiences.

Such heavy meanderings can ache the skull, but fear not because winning Mater Cars for Cancer lottery No. 111 relieves you of such and lays it plainly on a platter. First prize includes both the experience and the possession. The former is a luxury holiday, and the latter is a car, but nobody’s winning anything without the most important possession here; a ticket in lottery No. 111.

Luxury holiday

The luxury holiday for two lasts more than three weeks, taking in the greatest urban and outback experiences this country has to offer. Despite eight destinations, this is no whistlestop tour, with three nights each in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Cairns, and Brisbane so you can properly bank those philosophical experience points.

Some highlights include a Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb, tickets to historic Port Arthur, premium winery tours in SA and WA, a day trip to Kakadu and snorkelling off the Great Barrier Reef, all connected by Virgin flights and hire cars at selected destinations. Winning this means you’ll experience more of Australia than most Australians have, but a ticket in the lottery comes before a ticket to ride.

Once your luxury holiday experience is done, you’ll have precious memories, engaging stories, and copious photos, but as I said earlier, my nature craves something more tangible, stylish, useful, and long-lasting. When discussing the philosophy of ‘experience vs possession’ at Mater Cars for Cancer HQ, I’d like to think someone stopped all conversation with a demure, “¿Porque no los dos?”


“Why not both?”, indeed, which is why the lucky prize winner will supplement their precious memories (and precious cashable gold bullion) with a cutting-edge BMW iX xDrive40 EV. 

People can get pretty vocal about EVs, both for and against, and despite me being a deeply Gen X rev head with two V8 Holdens in my carport, I absolutely can see the appeal of an electric vehicle for the daily commute. It’s true EVs aren’t going to suit everyone, every time, but then again, a Hummer, a hearse or a Hupmobile won’t either. A ticket might, though.

First thing’s first; the BMW iX xDrive40 has a range of about 420km, further than I go on the average workday, which should cover most people in most commuter circumstances. Still, with that kind of range from the 77kWh battery, a romp in the countryside is entirely do-able as well.

It'll be a hoot, too because although it weighs around 2300kgs, the motors—one for each axle—churn out 240kWs and 630Nm of torque to run the big Beemer to 100km/h in only 6.1 seconds.

The body is made from carbon fibre, steel, and aluminium, which makes me wonder how heavy it would have been if it wasn’t. Not helping the weight is the extensive list of luxury appointments such as auto LED headlights, 18-speaker stereo, tri-zone climate control, massaging front seats, active cruise control, and a 12.3in curved digital display.

BMW iX XDrive40

Not only does the BMW iX xDrive40 create zero emissions, the interior avoids landfill-clogging plastics, using natural materials such as olive leaves to tan the leather trim, and recycled materials like fishing nets to create the floor coverings—the list goes on.

If you’re more about fishing nets being used for fishing, by all means, win the lottery and choose the LandCruiser/Coromal duo; they will happily cater to your camping holiday needs well into the future. But when a car like the BMW iX xDrive40 appears on the market, it feels as though the future is here. Should you hold that winning ticket and convert that holiday into pleasant memories, you’ll still have something to show for it in the here-and-now, even if it’s from tomorrow. 

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